Updated 2018 Honda Goldwing is a Terminator With Two Wheels


Six years ago the first rumors regarding next-generation motorbike, which tends to be 2018 Honda Goldwing, has appeared. This information suggested a mild redesign of a luxury cruiser and the appearance of the innovative hybrid engine. We still don’t know for sure, is it true or not, but leaked images suggested that Goldwing has a major redesign for 16 years. Finally.

2018 Honda Goldwing Release date and Pricing

The current version of motorbike costs around $30,000. The future Honda Goldwing 2018 price is likely to be on the same level.
The exact release date is still unknown, it could be either in late 2017 or in the first part of 2018.

Features of next Goldwing

Technical Changes in 2018 Honda Goldwing

One of the most important technical feature of the updated motorbike, among the mysterious hybrid powertrain, would be totally redesigned suspension to provide a superior level of comfort.

Starting with steering system which would be made in hub-center steering style instead of bulky fork system. Forget about all disadvantages of fork steering: dives, flex, etc.

The overall frame of the motorcycle will be different as well, due to the new suspension system and likely a different engine placement.

The second part is the new transmission. We believe (taking leaking data into account) that Honda will use 6-speed dual-clutch automated transmission in the next 2018 Honda Goldwing. Again, with dedicated reverse gear.

2018 Honda Goldwing Specs

A hybrid motorcycle?

A few Honda patents claim about the complex hybrid powerplant for a motorcycle, based on 4-cylinder engine and electric motor (However, without any further details).

We believe that patent realization would be postponed: such a powertrain is heavy even for a huge cruiser motorcycle, and the placement of batteries is questionable.

Honda more likely stick to the same 1,832cc six-cylinder inline engine with liquid cooling and 12-valve head. Current version produces 116 HP and 123 ft-lb of torque, but in 2018 Goldwing we might find the updated version of the unit.

Current generation of luxury motorcycle

The Most Hi-Tech Bike Ever

The updated Goldwing is also expected to be fully fitted with expensive and hi-tech features. We expect that dashboard will be fully electronic, with a large TFT panel. There won’t be any touchscreen though, but control buttons will be redesigned and rearranged (even joysticks) as well.

We also hope that Honda will improve Goldwing ergonomics – now it is not suitable for all riders.

There also could be advanced ABS system, traction control, and airbag which is exclusive for a motorbike. We could expect more innovations from Honda, but it is still secret.

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