2018 Honda S2000 Might Reborn As Limited Edition Car


There are tons of rumors fluctuating around Honda and its S2000 model – it used to be a real legend – nice looking roadster with the most powerful naturally-aspirated 2-liter engine, high rev masterpiece. Mainly because of its high popularity among car enthusiasts, the rumors about the soon release of S2000 successor flowing in the air for almost a decade. But only now it finally get into the form which is closer to reality. It all starts with S660 model, which is also one of Honda’s legendary cars, but from 1960s – actually, it is one of the first model of the brand. The newborn roadster stays for Japanese Domestic Market only.

Next Honda Anniversary – Next S2000

S2000 was not an ordinary car – not only because of its beautiful engineering but also because of the occasion. The first generation roadster was presented in 1998 – the 50th anniversary of Honda brand. In 2018, Honda will commemorate the 70th anniversary, and the source in the company said that two special vehicles will be made – road-legal MotoGP superbike and all-new roadster closer to Mazda MX-5 in terms of the size, but much more powerful. That’s the nearly perfect match for 2018 Honda S2000.

2018 Honda S2000 Platform and Specs

The platform, as well as powertrain options for the new S2000 2018 is still a mystery – we don’t even have a clue what to expect from Honda – the company still able to amaze. Actually, all platforms for the recent sports cars, S660 and NSX, were made from scratch – it is likely to apply to S2000. Unlike the chassis, there are not so many options for engines and transmissions for Honda. The layout should be rear-wheel drive, and the engine unlikely to be naturally-aspirated, we believe that manufacturer would use the 2-liter turbocharged I4 unit, borrowed from recent Accord sedan. Some say the new roadster will keep the concept of NSX – combine standard engine with electric motors to make an advanced all-wheel-drive system.

2018 S2000 Design

The exterior and interior design of new roadster is kept secret as well. Again, we could only guess. The possible option for the appearance of next S2000 is something between the current NSX and Acura Precision concept car. It would feature modern Honda design and won’t be similar to the previous generation car in every aspect. It should be pretty to be attractive – at least better looking than next-generation Accord and not worse than NSX.

Release date and Price

The reveal date expected in the beginning of 2018, but no official confirmation has made yet. It is likely that serial production of the 2018 Honda S2000 will begin closer to the mid-2018. The pricing range is also unknown, but we expect it to be on the same level as 2-series convertible from BMW, around $45,000.

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