Enlarged 2018 Hyundai Accent Arrive This Year With Updated Powertrain


The 2018 Hyundai Accent will be the fifth-generation of this popular little auto, it recently made its debut at the Canadian Auto Show in Toronto (February 2016) and was pretty well received.

Hyundai showed a four and five-door model at the show, but it seems as though the five-door will be Canadian only – Hyundai won’t be selling it in the U.S.

We have no specific date, but Hyundai have said that the four-door will arrive in the third-quarter of this year, and the five-door will be in the fourth-quarter.

Less Power


1. Less Power
2. Increased Size
3. Styling It Out
4. Options
5. Inside Out

OK, it isn’t often that a manufacturer will announce a model using the same engine but with less horsepower – that is exactly what Hyundai have done though. But it isn’t all terrible news – the 1.6 liter inline four-cylinder still makes 132 BHP and 119 lb/ft of torque, which is only a few horses short from the predecessor, but Hyundai are claiming that the retuned engine is 7% more fuel efficient.

No official figures exist for gas mileage (for the 2018 Model Year), but the current Accent can do ‘up to’ 37 MPG on the highway and 27 MPG in the city – our guess would be that Hyundai are aiming to crack the 40 MPG mark. With the ever-rising prices of gas, that has to be a good thing.

You have the choice of a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission (the auto loses 1 MPG over the manual) and the Accent is only available in front-wheel drive – no all-wheel version is available, but then one isn’t needed. If it was our money, we’d pick the manual every day of the week.

Increased Size of the Hyundai Accent 2018

It seems that many people including Hyundai themselves are making a big-deal of the increased dimensions, but in all honesty, even measuring it, the increase would be hard to spot; the new Accent is… 0.4” longer and 1.1” wider – an Escalade it isn’t.

Perhaps the biggest news regarding the platform is that Hyundai are claiming that the new Accent is 32% stiffer in the chassis, thanks to the use of better steel and construction materials or methods.

This must also mean (although it hasn’t been mentioned) that Hyundai have re-engineered the suspension – you can’t change the dynamics of a car like that and expect the existing suspension setup to work – it would feel like an open-wheel racecar – shaking your teeth out over every small lump, bump or ripple in the road.

Styling It Out

The new Accent has taken a lot of inspiration from the larger Elantra – it has an almost identical front grille and headlights, the Elantra can even be seen at the rear as well – the wraparound taillights and rounded-off trunk lid look like they have been taken directly from the production line.

But then a lot of manufacturers are taking this route and giving their cars a corporate look – yes you can see that it’s a different model, but there is a theme running throughout the whole line-up.
LED headlamps are an option, as is automatic emergency braking – something that Hyundai claim is a first for this price segment – but we have three words for you Hyundai … Toyota Yaris iA – the little Toyota has had this fitted as standard for a while now – it isn’t even an optional extra.

2018 Hyundai Accent Options

Other options include an upgraded infotainment screen – go for the larger 7” screen and you’ll also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – it’s a no brainer for us. You can also spec up heated front seats, rear view camera and a myriad of safety tech. It’s a pity that most of it doesn’t come as standard on the base model, but then for $15,580 what can you expect. Really.

Inside Out

As you’d probably guess, the interior matches the exterior – nothing too flash, nothing superfluous but it’s practical and it works – you want the bells and whistles – spec up.
The 2018 Hyundai Accent isn’t anything special to write home about, but that’s the point of it – it does exactly what you want (or need) it to do without shouting or making a fuss – nothing it does is remarkable, but it does everything well. Some people may use the word ‘boring’, but we’d prefer practical.

In our opinion, a brand-new vehicle that does 40+ MPG, seats five adults, has the reliability of God and looks OK ish, all for less than $16,000 just has to be a winner – at this sort of money, it’s cheap enough to use it for your daily smoker to work and allow you to save for something more special for the weekends. Now that is remarkable.

What do you think of the new Accent? Is it something that you’d consider buying as a daily hack? Or perhaps as the ideal college student car? Let us know your thoughts.

Editor's rating
4.4 overall
  • Safety4.5
  • Performance4.3
  • Design4.4
  • Features4.3
  • Fuel economy4.4

Affordable compact sedan from Hyundai refresh its appearance, become bigger but a bit less powerful.

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