Next Generation Hyundai Elantra Goes To A Higher Class


Hyundai Elantra is a family mid-size sedan.

The last update of the Hyundai Elantra was at the Los Angeles Auto Show back in 2015, it’s a great blend of style, performance and budget motoring; Hyundai have fitted quite an impressive array of equipment in to the Elantra for not much money, especially compared to some of the competitors.

The Hyundai Elantra is a popular choice thanks to the price, mainly for the cost conscious motorist or youngster – they look pretty good and do what they need to do.

Hyundai haven’t officially confirmed any prices or release dates, but we would expect to see the new 2018 model year Hyundai Elantra hitting the showrooms sometime in late 2017, around September. This would fit with Hyundai’s current strategy.

From what we can understand, there will be five or six different variants of the Elantra, the base model starting at $17,600 and prices rising up to $22,000 for the highest trim level. Even at that sort of money, this is cost effective motoring.

Beatiful Redesign

We’ll start with the old favorites; headlamps and grille are sure to be updated and changed, taking inspiration from the new Genesis range. There is also talk of two different body styles; a sedan and a hatchback, although some rumors put the hatchback as the only model available. The hatch is sold as the i30 in Europe so an easy rebadging exercise could be the simplest way forward for Hyundai.

Two Engine Options and More

We’ve heard that there are two options for motors, a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder 147 BHP motor and a turbocharged 1.4 liter 4-cylinder motor with 128 BHP, although other industry sources are claiming a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder motor. We aren’t sure about the 1.8-liter version, but we do think that Hyundai will introduce a sporting version at some point, this should see just over 200 BHP. None of these motors will set the world alight, but for this sort of money, you can’t expect 300+ BHP and tire shredding performance.
Whatever the motor, it will be fitted to a 6-speed transmission, available in both auto and manual.

Nicely Equipped

Some of the tech fitted includes: touchscreen infotainment, steering wheel controls, navigation, rear view camera, BlueLink technology, Sirius XM radio, moonroof and push button start / stop. It isn’t clear what is fitted as standard, but even at $22,000 all in, that’s still cheap.

Other than that, we’ll see updated steering, redesigned trim and chrome accents in the cab.
Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.4
  • Design4.5
  • Features4.4
  • Fuel economy4.5

The new Elantra brings a new level of built quality for a entry-level mid-size family sedans.

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