Infiniti QX60 For 2018 – The Last Year For 3-row Premium SUV?


Rumors say that 2018 Infiniti QX60 would be the last year of producing the elegant SUV for the whole family. Later next year it would be replaced by all-new QX50 model, based on concept car shown at Detroit Motor Show 2017.

However, you still have the ability to purchase one of the best looking premium SUV on the market. Despite a relatively old roots (first JX35 model debuted in 2012), after the last year facelift, the car is still relevant.

When and how much?


1. 2018 Infiniti QX60 Release Date and Price
2. Redesign
3. Specs
4. QX60 2018 Interior
5. Trim Levels

Since there are not so much changes in 2018 model year QX60, the car will be available for sale pretty soon – in October, 2017. The price for the inital trim level, which has pretty everything you might need, is around $46,000 which is the same as for the 2017 model. And pretty good pricing as well – more affordable than X5 from BMW and newest XC90 from Volvo, in the same range as Honda’s Acura MDX.

Anything new?

No wonder than Infiniti bosses hasn’t change QX60 much for years – it simply doesn’t need to. The overall styling is a bit out-of-time, unlike many other rival SUVs. Last year update bring just a minor tweaks, like redesigned stuffing of the headlights and rearlights, new design of wheels, while the major features of design remains the same. It’s not a drawback – 2018 Infiniti QX60 still looks stunning.

It is designed not only to be pretty, but also a comfortable – thanks to a wide doors, it is easy to entry even to the third row; the trunk is spacious enough to handle weekend shopping and long trip.
It doesn’t look big though – thanks to sleek lines.

Hybrid is no longer available

One of the major change in QX60 for 2018 model year is the discontinuation of hybrid-powered modification. We can’t say it is a big loss, since the QX60 hybrid wasn’t so popular, but the only choice now is a good-old 3.5L V6 with 295 HP output, which you couldn’t name fuel efficient enough – 22 MPG in EPA combined cycle. Average numbers, but MDX hybrid goes 27 MPG, as well as new hybrid Volvo.
The car comes with front wheel drive or all-wheel drive layout.

Comfort is everything

What we like most in QX60 is a comfort level. Despite being made on the basis of Pathfinder and shares some element with this Nissan SUV, the Infiniti 3-rower feels just incredible, not like $100K+ premium SUV, but way better than most of competitors. High-quality materials, huge load of legroom, and unbelievably comfortable front and second row seats. The third row, despite being easy accessible, is suited only for kids and mainly in short trips. But we cannot call it a drawback – if you need a proper passenger carrier, better looking for bigger SUVs or even better any sliding doors minivan in a market.

October, 2017
Around $46,000 for starting price
Front-wheel drive or AWD system
3.5L V6 295 HP
120 MPH of top speed
Fuel efficiency is 22 MPG in combined cycle

Packages everywhere

The trim level is actuaally one and only, you could only choose between FWD and AWD, but there are plenty of additional packages: Premium, Premium Plus, Rear seat entertainment, Driver Assistance and Deluxe package.
Despite that, the basic equipment is wide – you could see there a sunroof, power liftgate, proper multimedia with Bluetooth and 8-inch screen, leather upholstery, keyless entry system, rearview camera.

Premium package adds heated steering wheel, memory to power seats and hi-end Bose sound system.
Premium Plus goes for 360-degree view camera and navigation.
Rear seat entertainment package speak for itself – it adds two displays for rear passengers mounted in headrests.
Driver assistance package feautres advanced cruise control, parking sensors for front and rear, emergency breaking system and blind spot monitoring.
Deluxe package is the nutshell of real premium level – imagine 20″ rims, 15-speaker sound system, lane departure sensor, forward collision warning with automated braking, hands-free power liftgate and expensive wood as a trimming.
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