2018 Infiniti QX70 might be totally redesigned


The QX70 is a new model designation, although to be honest, it’s a rebadged Infiniti FX, a mid-size crossover, although there are rumors that the new 2018 Infiniti QX70 will be based upon the QX70 Sport concept.

Infiniti have been producing cars in the luxury sector since 1989, although their first market was North America only. Their aim is to be considered on a par with the likes of Audi, BMW et al, in fact their whole ethos is centered around being the ‘Japanese BMW’.

Along with luxury, Infiniti are keen to show off their sporting credentials also; back in the late 90’s and early 00’s, they entered into the American IndyCar series (although back then, it was the Indy Racing League) and when that didn’t work out too great, they went in to Formula 1 sponsorship with the Red Bull Racing F1 team.

2018 Infiniti QX70 Release date

It is expected that the new QX70 will be released for sale in the mid to late part of 2017.

Release date: late 2017

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2018 Infiniti QX70 Price

Prices are expected to start at around $47,000 for the base model, which will be two-wheel drive only, the all-wheel versions start at $48,500.

2018 Infiniti QX70 video

2018 Infiniti QX70 Redesign and changes

Infiniti use the phrase ‘powerful elegance’ to describe their cars, with this in mind, they will be launching the QX70 with a 3.7 liter V6 motor, which will send power to the wheels via 6-speed auto transmission, it should produce around 325 BHP and 267 lb/ft of torque, this equates to a top speed of 155 MPH and reasonable gas mileage; about 21 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway.

Infiniti haven’t announced a diesel option (as yet) nor have they said anything about a hybrid, but we expect a hybrid to make an appearance in the not too distant future.

Lightweight construction materials mean that the QX70 has been on a diet and shed a few pounds (compared to the FX), this will help with economy and ride, making the whole vehicle less cumbersome. We also know that the style should be more flowing, less aggressive looking.

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2018 Infiniti QX70 interior

The interior is really where Infiniti will excel; the cabin will be trimmed in luxury grade leather (not just any old leather!) and will be packed with technology; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, climate-control, heated seats, navigation and of course, all the usual safety features that you’d expect in a vehicle like this – lane assist, blind spot monitoring and rear view camera are just some of the things you’ll find, possibly as standard.

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With a new body style, along with reliable V6 engines, probably in hybrid powertrain, could make QX70 2018 a great choice of premium crossover.

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