2018 Jeep Patriot Will Be Replaced By Compass


The low-cost SUV from Jeep, which has been produced since 2007, is going to be fully replaced for 2018 model year. The replacement is obvious – more compact Jeep Compass debuted last year as 2017 model year car. The previous Patriot was actually a highly modernized and redesigned Dodge Caliber, with the off-road abilities and classic ‘Jeep look’. If you like old-school Jeep design and don’t want to pay more for compact (and more youth-oriented) Compass, you could still buy 2017 model year SUV.

Why Patriot 2018 Discontinued?

The Patriot wasn’t the all-new all-good model, it was designed as an entry ticket to the Jeep family – so it was planned that customer shift to Wrangler or more expensive Cherokee after driving a Patriot. That’s why the Patriot is full of compromises: steering wheel has only tilt adjustment, the rear seats are uncomfortable, cheap plastic elements of interior and other cost-cutting decisions. The Patriot was made back in a day when Chrysler desperately need to offer the least expensive off-road vehicle to market.


Only two trim levels of Patriot available now. The basic trim level is equipped with 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with 158 HP output, while the more powerful 2.4L unit (178 HP) available for a surcharge. The gearbox is 6-speed automatic only, which leads to 20 MPG in city and 26 MPG in highway driving.

2018 Jeep Patriot Successor

What Jeep could offer after the sales of Patriot stops? The new Compass, which stands between compact Renegade and bigger Cherokee – this model replaced the outgoing generation of Compass and Patriot, which shared the same platform. The new one is sharing platform with Fiat-derived Renegade, and a slightly bigger in size than Honda’s HR-V, meaning it is more compact that Patriot. The engine is a slightly modified the same 2.4L 4 cylinder unit, producing 180 HP. The new 2018 Patriot successor could come with FWD or AWD, mated with 6-speed manual/automatic (FWD) or six-speed manual and 9-speed automatic (AWD), making the car more effective than the previous generation.

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