2018 Land Rover Discovery is totally redesigned


The 2018 Land Rover Discovery is likely to be presented in US market as LR4/LR5.

The Land Rover Discovery has been around since 1989, it was quite an angular and boxy design, but most rugged SUV’s were at the time. Of course, being Land Rover, the off-road capabilities were virtually unmatched, and the overall package was designed around that ability.

Nearly thirty years later, Land Rover are almost ready to bring the fifth generation Discovery to the market.

2018 Land Rover Discovery Release date

We haven’t seen any official confirmation, but sources say that the new 2018 Discovery could possibly debut as early as September 2016 at the Paris motor show, with sales and full production happening in the mid part of 2017. Given that we’ve seen fully camouflaged vehicles pounding round the Nurburgring recently, those sources could be correct.

2018 Land Rover Discovery release date: mid-2017

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2018 Land Rover Discovery Price

As with the release date, nothing has been confirmed by Land Rover, but expect the price for the ‘Disco’ to start in the region of $50,000.

2018 Land Rover Discovery Redesign and changes

Despite being camouflaged, we can see that the overall shape of the new Discovery is much smoother and rounded-off. It certainly looks more modern than the previous version.
It is built on the PLA (Premium Lightweight Architecture) platform, which it shares with the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The reduction in weight should not only help with gas mileage, but it will mean a better handling and riding Disco.

2018 Land Rover Discovery video

2018 Land Rover Discovery Specs

As regards powertrain, it’s doubtful that the diesel will make it to the U.S., instead we’ll see two engine options (unless a Hybrid is forthcoming); the base model will be fitted with a six-cylinder gas engine, based on Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Ingenium’ design, all motors will be coupled to a 8-speed auto transmission. Of course, there will be Terrain Select systems fitted, increasing the controllability when off-roading.

Discovery received a four-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission on all versions. Base power plant is 2.0-liter TD4 diesel engine producing 180 hp with a torque of 430 Nm (317 ft-lb). There is also a SD4 diesel version with the same two liters of displacement, but higher rates – 240 hp and 500 Nm (368 ft-lb). The 3.0-liter diesel modifications presented by TD6 (258 hp and 600 Nm) and petrol Si6 (340 hp and 450 Nm).

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2018 Land Rover Discovery Equipment

Sources say that the new 2018 Discovery will be packed with new tech, including some innovative systems; Land Rover’s ‘transparent hood system’ uses a series of cameras and a Heads-Up Display to show what’s directly in front and underneath the nose of the vehicle. We may also see the new Land Rover ‘Laser Headlight’ system fitted; it scans the road as you’re driving, then displays information and different paths to the HUD, particularly useful when off-roading and at night.

Finally, it seems as though this new ‘Landie’ will be fitted with a simplified center console, fitted with a new touchscreen system that will control various elements of the vehicle, although it seems as though Land Rover are keen on keeping good old fashioned clunky switches for the basic controls.

2018 Land Rover Discovery images

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The new Discovery will provide a new level of details for LR brand, put it on the one step with the coolest SUVs on the market.

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