2018 Maserati Kubang goes compact


With the Levante crossover Maserati company will not stop – cars such as SUV today at the peak of popularity, and manufacturers interested in survival, have to develop a profitable model. In this regard, the company plans to … no, not a competitor for Porsche Macan, it is planned to release even more tiny car of size class B (subcompact segment in Europe is growing at an unprecedented rate) with probable Kubang name in honor of the show cars of 2003 and 2011. Photos and technical information has transferred from insider of online magazine Motor1.

2018 Maserati Kubang release date

The exact release date of the new Maserati crossover is still questionable. It is more likely to debut in 2018, two years after debut of the first SUV of the brand. Hybrid version is expected to be released in 2019.

2018 maserati kubang release date

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2018 Maserati Kubang price

The starting price for 2018 Maserati Kubang with standard engine and simpliest trim level is expected on the level of 35,000 euros or $40,000. Hybrid version of the car will be available from $50,000.

2018 maserati kubang price

2018 Maserati Kubang exterior

According to leaked images, the new Maserati SUV will be much more like the first one, however being compact size, features narrower headlights, huge grille and air intakes in front. On side it highly remains 2017 BMW X2, except the distinctive Maserati vents on the front fenders. The rear part is made in company style, with narrowed rear lights and small spoler.
In terms of the size, the 2018 Maserati Kubang is expected to be somewhere between Audi Q3 and BMW X1 and mainly compete with them and another premium compact SUVs.

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2018 maserati kubang

2018 Maserati Kubang interior

There is neither actual images nor information regarding the interior of new Maserati SUV. It is expected that Levante’s overall front panel architecture will be used, with a bit different details. It might be also possible, that the interior will share parts with the first SUV from Alfa Romeo – 2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio – because both brands comprised by FCA corporation.

2018 Maserati Kubang specs

The leaked specifications of Kubang is the most interesting part. The car, resembling Levante reduced in scale, has risk of being branded as the most “wrong” Maserati – it will have the longitudinal arrangement of the power unit, and will get a front-wheel drive chassis, share it with the Jeep Renegade. But the “Italian” will be available only with all-wheel drive transmission and will appear with a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol and diesel engines working in tandem with a 9-speed automatic transmission. More advanced Zegna trim level will be offered with expensive interior finishes and semi-autonomous control system.

2018 maserati kubang specs

But the most interesting modification will appear later. Approximately in 2019 will debut electric e-Kubang with a price tag of fifty thousand euro, two electric motors combined 300 hp and a power reserve of at least 500 mi. And in the middle of the Maserati production cycle will show an extreme version of the MC Stradale. Do you think the car will be equipped with a downsized engine with multiple turbochargers? And here and there – according to insider reports, the crossover will have V8 engine capacity of 4.7 liters, which develops about 600 hp and allowing SUV accelerate to sixty in less than 4 seconds! It is hoped that a source in the company does not make mistakes.

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2018 maserati kubang exterior

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