New Mercedes-Benz CLS for 2018 Will Get Rid of V8 Engine?


The Mercedes CLS was first introduced in 2004 as something that would slot between the E-Class and the S-Class. A return to a proper 4-door coupe for Mercedes, replacing the executive sized E-Class coupe in 1995.

It has gone on to be one of the best-selling models for Mercedes, leading to a number of different styles and versions, perhaps most notably, the ‘Shooting Brake’, although that model was never made available in the U.S.

For 2018, Mercedes are dropping the Shooting Brake; poor sales numbers and budget cutbacks means that Mercedes-Benz are concentrating their efforts on the more profitable lines.

The 2018 CLS 550 Release Date Is Coming!


1. Arriving soon
2. No word on pricing 
3. E-Class to CLS
4. Significantly updated styling
5.  Technology

As we get closer to the launch, Mercedes-Benz have been a little more open as to what we can expect to see, in fact there has been a camouflaged 2018 CLS been seen testing in Germany recently, and we can see quite a few changes.

However, better than that, Mercedes are expected to unveil the new 2018 CLS at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in the next week or so.

Speaking at the New York Motor Show recently, Mercedes-Benz Chief Designer Gorden Wagener has stated that Mercedes will be pushing the boundaries of the styling, and that there will be two models; the CLS and the GT four-door concept.

Wagener says that the “CLS is for James Bond, and the GT Concept is for Jason Bourne”. In other words, the Mercedes CLS 2018 will focus on luxury while the GT Concept will be a “four-door road legal race car”. The GT Concept is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept that’s already been shown at some of the larger auto shows this year.

No word From Mercedes About 2018 CLS 550 Price

Mercedes haven’t given much more away, but sources say that we should see the new model being unveiled in the early part of 2018, with full production and sales happening later that year. Despite the late roll-out and production, it’s still going to be known as a 2018 Model Year.

We can find no reference to expected prices for the new CLS, at best guess, we would say that there will be a small increase over current prices, perhaps 5% or so. Expect to see the prices starting around $70,000.

E-Class to CLS

The new 2018 CLS will be built upon the same platform (MRA) as the S-Class, E-Class and C-Class. This will be the third generation of this popular model, and the engineers at Mercedes-Benz have looked at where the current model has flaws and they’ve tried to address these flaws.

From what we understand, the CLS will get the same engine line-up and technology that’s fitted in the new E-Class. This should mean that under the hood will be a straight 6 engine as standard, available as a gas or diesel option, and there will be multi-turbo layouts and options for those wanting a bit more performance, although the base model should have around 300 BHP, which in itself, isn’t that lowly.

However, it’s looking likely that the top-line AMG version will only get a 3.0 liter straight six with turbocharging, and while this should be good enough for 450 horsepower, it does mean that Mercedes will be dropping the legendary V8 for the CLS. That is a shame!

It’s thought that the four-door GT Concept will still get a V8 though – the twin turbo V8 borrowed from either the AMG GT or E63. It’s a great thought, but nothing has been confirmed by Mercedes at the time of writing.

Further options could see the power increased to somewhere near 600 BHP with the AMG versions. Speaking of AMG, the CLS will be available in three trim options; Sport, AMG and AMG S. We’ve also heard talk that Mercedes may offer the CLS as a plug-in hybrid, but nothing definite on that, but if it does happen, it’s doubtful that it will ready for first launch – it will probably come later in the production cycle. It makes logical sense for Mercedes to offer a PHEV option, after all, most manufacturers are looking at ways of improving there global efficiency and hybrid or all-electric vehicles are definitely the future of the automotive world.

Significantly updated styling

Only very recently have we seen any of the new 2018 CLS, as we’ve already mentioned, one has been seen in Germany, although under heavy camouflage. Mercedes has said that the rear will be significantly redesigned; new lights, boot-lid and flanks will make the back-end noticeably different while still retaining the CLS look.

From what we have seen, the new style is less aggressive than expected, but again, Mercedes are looking toward luxury and refinement rather than pace – that’s what the GT Concept will be for. Yes, the 2018 CLS looks super-stylish, and you’d have to put money on Mercedes-Benz getting the driving dynamics right – they haven’t failed yet.

2018 Mercedes CLS 550 Interior and Technology

As you’d expect from Mercedes, the new CLS will be packed with technology, even the base models should have such features as rear-facing cameras, Bluetooth, USB and high-quality media systems. We are also expecting to see some of the semi-autonomous technology making its way into the CLS – including the Speed Limit Pilot which actively monitors and adjust the speed to meet the posted speed limit wherever you are and the Active Lane Change Assist which can automatically perform a lane change for you.

As for the rest of it, no doubt that Mercedes will be fitting the pre-collision warning with active automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise-control, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts, surround view camera system – pretty much everything you’d like to have, but of course it comes at a price! And right now, we don’t yet know what those prices will be – either for the trim levels or the extras that you can choose at the time of ordering.

Interior of the 2018 Mercedes CLS

The choices are simple, if you want refinement and luxury, you’ll pick the 2018 CLS – it will do that and more, and will potentially pack a 450+ horsepower punch, but if you’re after speed and aggression, then the GT Concept is the way forward; both have four-doors and modern styling, one’s just a bit faster than the other!

How do you like the look of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS? Have Mercedes got the styling right? Or should they have gone with a little more aggression and sports? Please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts – your opinion is important to us!
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The new CLS continue the model line of updated Mercs, making it a great successor to the previous generations and proper competitor to A7 and Panamera.

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