2018 Mercedes GLA Seriously Redesigned


Mercedes-Benz has finally shed some light to its GLA. The new version of this compact crossover has something in store for the fans of this brand name.

2018 Mercedes GLA Overview

Generally speaking, Mercedes GLA 2018 will feature cosmetic changes mostly. It will boast about the new design and new interior features. It may come as a disappointment but there will be nothing new under the hood of the vehicle so you can expect the same type of engine as before. Both variants will come with AMG Performance Studio Package. It is also known as Yellow Night.

The seats of Mercedes GLA 2018 will include microfiber inserts. There’s a crazy looking model still which is going to blow your mind. This is an attractive black-and-yellow variant which is doomed to be successful on the market.

2018 Mercedes GLA Exterior and Interior

The new model of the vehicle has an improved exterior and interior design. So you can expect that this car will look more attractive and will be able to compete with a bigger number of competitors. The bumpers of the car have been redesigned as well as its wheels. The new model will use all LED features. The new display inside is of 8.0 inches now. You can get a rearview camera as standard. Now the car supports Android Auto. In addition, there’s one more trim available which is known as Black Ash.

2018 Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

Speaking of GLA45 AMG it will use the 2.0-litre engine. This unit is equipped with four cylinders and includes turbocharged technologies. It still provides enough power. Its productivity is 375 horsepower along with 350 lb-ft of torque. 2018 Mercedes GLA 45 AMG also includes a seven-speed transmission of dual-clutch type. It’s an AWD type which makes it 0-60 in 4.3 seconds.

2018 Mercedes GLA 250

2018 GLA250 is much the same as its predecessor from the mechanical point of view. So you can expect it with the same engine as GLA45 has. However, you can opt for an off-road suspension for GLA250. So your car will be 20mm higher above the ground. In differing from its relative, this variant won’t have any aerodynamic features. However, you can expect that 2018 Mercedes GLA 250 will come in a new color. It’s Canyon Beige which looks pretty nice.

2018 Mercedes GLA Release Date

As far as we know both of the models are going to arrive soon enough. Most of the sources assume that it will happen this summer. It’s likely to happen and there are no serious reasons to doubt about that. So 2018 Mercedes GLA release date is summer 2017.

2018 Mercedes GLA Price

Unfortunately, there’s not much known about the price. The car maker stays silent about it. It’s quite early to predict anything so it’s safe enough to stay away from any assumptions.

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