Mercedes Has Revealed Two Concept Pickups – Future X-class


Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled two concept pickup trucks, which give an indication of how future production version of Mercedes X-Class model will look like.

Rumors Of The Soon Release

Manufacturing of the production version of the car will begin in late 2017. Versions for European, Australian and South African markets will be assembled at the Nissan plant in Barcelona, Spain. Modifications for Latin America will produce an assembly Renault factory in Argentina. There is no data for US market, at least for now.

French Roots

Let’s start with the fact that Mercedes-Benz designers have done a great job, so that they did not cause major associations with the Nissan pickup. Navara also had a basis for EU only Renault Alaskan. Unlike French vehicle, the external differences between the Merc and Nissan are not so obvious. The mid-size truck under “three-beam star” brand has a completely different body panels. So far, the X-class is represented in the status of concept car, but fairly we believe that production version will not be so very different from the prototype.

Two prototypes demonstrate different directions the upcoming model – a premium and off-road.

Mercedes Stylish Explorer concept

The first concept, aimed at X-class design for urban environment – Luxury Stylish Explorer. It has received 22-inch wheels, decorative trimming for the external body and leather trim with wood inserts in the interior.

Mercedes Powerful Adventurer concept

The second concept is callled Powerful Adventurer and it is equipped with off-road tires, protective bodywork of carbon fiber, a winch, and tow hooks.

Interior Features

Interior of the concepts fully dispels the association with Nissan. Everything is familiar with front panel architecture of the modern Mercedes cars, including round vents and “pad” of multimedia system stuck to the upper of front panel. There is quite a luxurious finish for pickup truck as well.

Technically a Nissan

Mercedes keeps a significant portion of the technical details a secret, but we know that the car is built on the same frame with the use of technical solutions on the Nissan Navara.

The “top-end” version of the car will get a diesel V6, probably turbocharged, Electronic Traction Control, and four-wheel drive 4Matic with a reduction gear and two locking differentials (inter-axle and rear).

The car could load up to 2425 lbs (1100 kg), and a maximum towing capacity will reach 7716 lbs (3500 kg).

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