2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Outgrows Itself


Mitsubishi has always been known for producing flexible cars with multiple functions. The carmaker is going to introduce new and attractive vehicle known as 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse. This is the auto which combines best Mitsubishi features.

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Overview

Many fans of the series do hope that the new generation will be much better than the previous one. The overall approach to the new design of the car is going to focus on minimalistic approach. You’ll be able to try seats of natural leather with lumbar features.

As a result, driving comfort is increasing dramatically. The cabin itself looks more sporty and includes brighter colors. Wooden and highly quality material are going to be used instead of plastic ones. The vehicle will support all the modern devices such as tablets and smartphones.

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Exterior

Eclipse is always anticipated to be a futuristic-looking model with a fascia equipped with all new grille. The air-flow atmosphere is said to be combined with grille on the front. You’ll also be able to find Mitsubishi emblem there. The whole body of the car is going to be smooth and round looking. It will feature head lights with all LED technologies.

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine

According to the latest new, the futuristic production by Eclipse will include SOHC MIVEC engine. This 2.4-litre unit is likely to produce as much as 162 horsepower. Another variant which may be used is the 3.8-litre engine of 265 horsepower. These engines are said to accelerate the model from 0 to 60 under 6 seconds. Some rumors also claim that the car will offer manual and automatic types of transmission. A dual-clutch is also in consideration.

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Price and Release Date

It’s still rather early to speculate on car’s price but it’s likely to see it on the U.S. market in the beginning of 2018. Some sources predict that new Mitsubishi Eclipse will be able to compete with such models as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Mustang.

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Future

Generally speaking the new production by Mitsubishi a new step for the company which will make it possible for them to try a new segment. The model sticks to two main principles of design which are futurism and aesthetic functions. The U.S. market will see two variants of the car. Details about them are still kept in secret. The vehicle will boast about better interior with a higher level of comfort and more attractive exterior design.

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