2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Is Now The Cheapest Hybrid SUV


The Mitsubishi brand is not popular now in the United States and most customers prefer other brands. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean Mitsu are poor – it just has a narrow model range and not so good at marketing. Despite this, some offers should be considered, like Outlander SUV which is quite popular overseas, now updated and get modified PHEV variant – the best choice if you need a SUV plug-in hybrid. Actually, the Outlander PHEV was debuted back to 2013 and sold in Europe and Asia, but due to legislation problems and fuel consumption scandals, it has come to the US only recently.

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Specs

While in Europe it comes with 2.4L I4 and even 3-liter V6, in the United States all engine range is likely to be limited by plug-in hybrid setup for 2018. The powertrain consist of 2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine, connected to the generator, 12 kWh battery and electric motor, which placed under the trunk. Interestingly, the gasoline engine powers front axle, while the electric one rotates the rear pair of wheels. The overall output of powertrain is 197 horsepower.

The SUV is plug-in hybrid, which means you could charge its battery through 120V or 240V DC outlet, for 8 or 4 hours respectively, or charge it during driving (there is a special mode). You could also drive in EV-only mode (up to 33 miles range) or like in an ordinary car with internal combustion engine. Don’t forget about the AWD, which makes the Outlander a unique option – similar hybrid vehicles are playing in a higher league of premium models and costs significantly more.

2018 Outlander Design

The design doesn’t change compared to the previous generation. It is the same shiny-bright X-faced car with a plenty of chrome details, which still looks elegant and quite unusual. In opposite, some blame Outlander design to be too Asian.
The interior has 5-seat layout (compared to three-row configuration in gasoline models), with a high-quality materials, especially compared with a basic 2.4L variant. The hybrid version has better upholstery materials, sound insulation and equipment level.

Equipment and Price

The Outlander could be high-packed, even by the mid-size SUVs measures:

  • 360-degree view cameras;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support;
  • blind spot monitoring;
  • smartphone app for car management (battery check, turning lights, etc).

The pricing is promised to start at $35,535 for the base trim level hybrid. The top trim level named GT will cost around $42,000. Just like for any hybrid and EV car, you could get tax credit in some states, making the SUV price just a bit more than a conventional car, which is pretty nice.

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