700 BHP of Hybrid Technology – The New 2018 Nissan GT-R


The Nissan Skyline GT-R was the predecessor to the GT-R, although technically, the new GT-R is a standalone vehicle, the current version is the R35 and the 2018 model will be the… yes, you’ve guessed it… the R36.

The Skyline has a big following on the Japanese tuning scene – 1,000+ BHP wasn’t unheard of, and the handling could be made to almost match. No wonder that Nissan wanted to introduce their own updated version of the Skyline.

When they decided to do that, they wanted to make something that could take on a supercar, but for ‘real-world’ money – ie, not hundreds of thousands of dollars, and given that the GT-R set the pace around the Nurburgring, you’d have to say that they hit their brief. But what does the future hold? We’ve heard rumors of $200,000+ pricetags and complete redesigns – that definitely wouldn’t fit with the original brief.

But surely, Nissan know the market, and from where we are sitting, they have to keep the pricing structure somewhere near the existing structure – you can’t double the price and expect to sell the same numbers of cars. Can you?

We should know shortly, but in the meantime, this is what we’ve heard…

Bargain Supercar?


1. Bargain Supercar?
2. Le Mans Racer
3. Balancing Act
4. Looking Like a Million Dollars
5. 30% Less Fat
6. Will We See It At Late 2017?

OK, there is the minor issue that the price is creeping up – when it was first launched, the GT-R was around $80,000, the 2017 model started at $109,990 (the NISMO edition is $174,990!) and if rumors are correct, the 2018 Nissan GT-R could even break the $200,000 barrier. But it isn’t going to be just a ‘normal’ car, for a start, we could have a de-tuned Le Mans racer powertrain.

Le Mans Racer

Yes, it’s true, Nissan have confirmed that the 2018 GT-R will have hybrid power, and it has been suggested that it will be based upon the GT-R LM NISMO – the Le Mans racecar.

Now, the Le Mans racer makes over 1,200 BHP, so don’t expect the motor to be lifted directly from the racer, but rumors say that it will be just a detuned version, it will only make 700 BHP. Yes, 3.0 liters of V6 twin-turbo loveliness coupled up to a single electric motor for that instant punch while waiting for the turbos to spool up (although they will have added tech to improve the spool-up time and reduce lag).

The racer uses a 5-speed sequential transmission, running through a carbon clutch; the road going GT-R won’t need a sequential transmission, although it will more than likely have a triple plate, organic-matter clutch. You’d have to guess that the 2018 GT-R will have a multi-speed auto transmission – we would have thought it would be at least an 8-speed.

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Balancing Act

As far as we know, the 2018 GT-R will stick with the same front-engine, all-wheel drive layout, although there have been some rumors saying that it could even go to a mid-engine layout for the perfect balance.

We don’t think that will happen – it would mean a complete redevelopment of the whole vehicle, front to back, and if the existing GT-R wasn’t as good as it is, perhaps Nissan would consider it, but as it stands, it’s one of the fastest cars out there – certainly round a race track at least – it currently lays in sixth place for laptimes around the Nurburgring – just 11 seconds behind the Porsche 918 Spyder – it’s quick.

2018 Nissan GT-R Is Looking Like a Million Dollars

We have seen some renderings of what the fans are looking for, but as yet, we haven’t seen anything from Nissan regarding the GT-R.
If the renderings are anything to go by, the new GT-R should look fantastic – some look out-and-out sportscar, while others make the new model look almost futuristic – perhaps even sci-fi looking. We can only assume that Nissan will continue on the path they have taken with the current model – muscular, aggressive looking and built-in aerodynamic aids – we expect that they just take that even further, trying to keep to the ethos of the original design – it wasn’t radical, but it was definitely functional (for what they needed).

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30% Less Fat

It also rumoured that Nissan will be putting the GT-R on a diet – weight-loss in a car is always a good thing; it gives a boost to handling and ride and of course, affects the performance greatly.

We aren’t sure how that weight-loss will come about – whether from re-engineered components / chassis or through the use of lighter-weight construction materials. High-strength steel is being used increasingly throughout the auto-industry – because of the strength, you can use less, meaning less weight, and of course composite materials are becoming commonplace, even on ‘normal’ road going cars, purely because the technology is becoming cheaper and increasingly available.

Will We See 2018 GT-R At Late 2017?

Nissan haven’t said when they will be releasing the 2018 GT-R, but we think they could be some way off – you’d normally expect to see a development mule racking up some mileage, and in the case of the GT-R, setting fast-laps at the Nurburgring.

We haven’t seen so much as an exhaust pipe relating to the GT-R, so we do wonder just how far along the development process that Nissan are – some industry insiders are saying that we will see the new GT-R debut as early as June or July 2017, but we think those rumors are wrong, or certainly misleading – we don’t expect to see the new model debut until around September, with a full nationwide roll-out toward the very end of the year – October or November at the earliest.

What do you think to the 2018 Nissan GT-R? Will it be a $200,000+ supercar or will Nissan retain the original idea to have supercar performance for road-going money?
Let us know what you think!

  • Chitown388

    This looks so much better than the current boxy design. Note it looks like a proper super car!

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The new generation GT-R might challenge top-end Lambo and Ferrari supercars. It might also features high-performance hybrid powertrain.

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