2018 Nissan Juke Will Change Its Name to Kicks


The Juke has come to the market in 2011 and simply blow it away – unusual love-hate styling, sharp performance, turbocharged engine – everything was so untypical for the brand and for the compact SUV as well, so the car keep in production for 6 years without many changes. Nevertheless, customers has tired of strange looking SUV with a very small interior, so Nissan decided to change the concept dramatically – the new 2018 Nissan Juke successor has become roomier and, well, better looking for many. It also get a new name – Kicks.

2018 Nissan Juke Availability and Price

The Juke successor will come to the North American market pretty late – presumably in the summer of 2018. Why we mentioned ‘late’? That’s because Kicks has already available in the South America region, and the model for the US won’t differ much. The price is likely to be in the same level as the previous model, around $21,000 for the basic trim level car, which is promised to be nicely equipped, and moreover – it is cheaper than current Juke.

2018 Juke Successor Dimensions and Design

The Kicks is larger than it’s predecessor, and quite seriously – additional 3.5″ in the wheelbase and exceptional 6.7″ increase in length. The height differ by 0.6″ to Kicks. In terms of dimensions, it should be placed below the Rogue Sport model. Thanks to the size increase, now Juke 2018 successor has a proper trunk – 25 cubic feet, room for rear passenger legs and heads is also increased dramatically – almost twice compared to the previous generation.

Looking at the photos, you could obviously note that the design is fully changed. It has become much less expressive and more in the style of recent Nissan cars (actually, it reminds Maxima sedan highly than bigger SUVs of the brand), and somehow don’t lose its ‘sporty’ styling. Some questions are raised only while looking at rear doors, opened with wheel arches.


The new interior of Kicks 2018 looks way better than on Juke. It has totally redesigned layout, with the unique leatherette-trimmed front panel with stitching, D-shape steering wheel, air vents remind GT86 coupe from Toyota, nicely performed climate control unit and a 7-inch multimedia with analog buttons. Left part of instrument cluster is a TFT display. All these could definitely attract younger buyers. The standard equipment include rear-view camera, multimedia with Bluetooth and 3 USB ports (for charging) and emergency braking system. Higher trims get advanced multimedia, alloy rims, fog lights, interior ambilight and many more.

Nissan Juke 2018 Successor Specs

It is strange that Nissan throw away the fancy turbocharged engine used in Juke and place 1.6L naturally aspirated four cylinder instead. The unit is just 125 HP and 115 ft-lb of torque, mated with CVT gearbox only and front-wheel drive layout. That’s enough for city shuffling, but you may forget about the active driving. We could assume that the US version of Kicks might get a more powerful unit (maybe even the same 1.6 turbo used in Juke) as Nismo version (with AWD as well), to draw some active drivers – we will find out closer to the release date.

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