2018 Subaru Ascent Searching for Name


After Subaru stopped production of its Tribeca two years the company has not had a decent SUV. Nevertheless, the recent information proves that the carmaker still has hopes for crossover segment. Judging from the latest pictures of upcoming 2018 Subaru Ascent the model follows the recipe of Forster to achieve success.

2018 Subaru Ascent News

Thus, the upcoming model is going to be of a boxy shape but with an interior which can be described as spacious one. It is going to be a seven seater. The model will be released exclusively for the U.S. market. Even though many sources call this car as Ascent this name has not been confirmed officially yet. Among the title in consideration are such variants as Ascent 7, Ascent Seven, Sojourn, Venterra, and Cypress. However, Subaru has not decided which one to choose. There is a threat of confusion because there used to Isuzu which was known as Ascender in the American region. Even if nobody knows this title there is another competitor which goes as Hyundai Accent.

2018 Subaru Ascent Platform

Subaru has started using a new platform for its vehicles. Global Platform used for Impreza is said to be a part of new Ascent production. This platform contains steel mainly. Such approach helps to make chassis stiffer. In addition, it helps to secure a vehicle in case of a crash. Along with boxer type of engine, this platform provides a better centre of gravity. Thus, this model offers good dynamics as well as higher resistance.

2018 Subaru Ascent Engine and Specifications

Some sources believe that upcoming Subaru product is going to be introduced with all-wheel-drive transmission offered as a standard variant. There is an opinion that it is going to be a transmission of CVR type. Nonetheless, Subaru has not confirmed or rejected this information yet. Subaru relies on technologies by Mazda and Mazda CX-9 as well as Ford Explorer. Both of them are middle-class crossovers which are equipped with the turbocharged engine of cylinders.

Thus, we can assume that new Ascent will use a powertrain of a flat-four kind. It may well be a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit which is good for production of 250 horsepower. For instance, the same one can be found under the hood of Forester XT. Another prediction is that new vehicle by Subaru will rely on good old flat six engine which has 3.0 litres of displacement. It can be gasoline or electric hybrid variant taking into account that Subaru uses Global Platform which has such a philosophy.

2018 Subaru Ascent Release Date and Price

2018 Ascent is likely to arrive during 2018 with a possibility of hitting the market at the end of 2017. Its price is going to be similar to its rivals such as Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot or Nissan Pathfinder which is around $50,000.

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