2018 Toyota 4Runner might lose off-road abilities


The Toyota 4Runner is one of a few truly off-road capable SUV’s available on the market today. It’s been in production for a number of years, but rumors say that the production of this model will cease in 2017. It is expected that a brand new model will be released in 2018, which will be bigger and wider but may not be quite as capable off-road.

2018 Toyota 4Runner release date

Some sources say that Toyota is in no rush to release a successor to the popular 4Runner, so we may not see anything until 2019, but others say that the debut of the new 4Runner will definitely happen in 2018.

Release date: 2018

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2018 Toyota 4Runner price

Prices are expected to remain the same, this should mean that the base model starts around $36,000, although IF Toyota release a hybrid version, that will be significantly more expensive.

2018 Toyota 4Runner redesign

The current generation 4Runner is styed aggressively, not something that we expect from Toyota, although its appearance does fit well with the rugged off-road capability.

Some say that the new 4Runner will be similar to the new Fortuner, or perhaps even built upon the same platform, although that surely means the loss of its character, making it similar to the RAV4, but bigger.

It really does depend on how Toyota see the market, and whether they feel the opportunities exist for such a model.

As for the interior, there has been nothing publicly announced, but surely Toyota will upgrade it to meet with the latest trends and styles; high-end media system, optional digital display dash and something a bit more … futuristic rather than the boring or staid version that’s available currently.

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2018 Toyota 4Runner specs

Toyota don’t like to be radical when it comes to powertrain, they just want reliability and a decent power output. We think the old 4.0 liter V6 will be replaced with a modern 3.5 liter V6, producing 300 BHP and giving good gas mileage.

Having said that, all manufacturers are looking toward smaller engines at the moment, so perhaps Toyota will offer a small turbocharged engine option. It’s unlikely that they’ll offer a hybrid version, mainly thanks to cost, but also because adding the batteries to an already heavy vehicle will make the ride and handling terrible.

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2018 Toyota 4Runner video

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We hope 4Runner won't lose its unique capabilities and will be much better in its next generation.

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