2018 Toyota Avalon expecting a bit of restyle but the same engines


The Toyota Avalon has been a very popular vehicle throughout its lifespan so far, in fact it is the third most popular large sedan in the U.S. This next 2018 Toyota Avalon model will be the fifth generation of the Avalon, and it’s Toyota’s flagship sedan.

We first got to see the Avalon all the way back in February 1994, and it has been a strong seller ever since; it seems that us Americans can’t get enough of it!

2018 Toyota Avalon Release date

Toyota have remained pretty quiet regarding the details of the new 2018 Avalon, but our sources say that we should expect to see the new 2018 model arrive with us late in 2017, perhaps even running in to 2018.

2018 Toyota Avalon Price

We think that Toyota are aiming for a price between $33,000 – $37,000 for the new model.

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2018 Toyota Avalon Redesign and changes

‘Sleek & Sexy’ are the words being associated with the new Avalon, or that’s certainly what Toyota are aiming for. The new model will be slightly shorter than the existing model, and coupled with that, it will be slightly wider also, so the overall look of the car will be a little more aggressive and sporty.

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We will also see a minor redesign to the front grille and the headlamps will be styled to suit that new look. We also know that the rear tail lights will have a makeover, both in terms of looks and engineering – they will now be LED, the same as the headlamps.

2018 Toyota Avalon video

2018 Toyota Avalon Interior

Inside the cabin, we’ll find the usual high quality trim and fixtures, Toyota have also upgraded the sound insulation in the vehicle; it really is whisper quiet when driving along.
An updated HD touchscreen infotainment system will also take care of the many controls, including the three zone climate control.

We will of course have the regular technology packed in; USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a number of safety systems including lane assist and anti collision.

2018 Toyota Avalon Specs

Under the hood is pretty much the only place that won’t get any major revamps; it is said that Toyota will continue to use the existing 3.5 liter 268 BHP V6 engine for power, which to be honest still feels silky smooth and quite powerful, so doesn’t really need updating. It will be coupled to a 6-speed auto transmission and the package should see between 24 – 31 MPG depending on driving conditions.

We also think that there will be a hybrid version, using a 4-cylinder gas engine, possible 2.0 liter.

Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.5
  • Design4.5
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.4

The new Avalon 2018 will get rather conservative approach on updating – it is likely to receive only minor both to appearance and specifications.

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