2018 Sequoia Redesign – Lightweight Plus Diesel


Debuted back in 2008 on the basis of the full-size Tundra pickup truck platform, the Sequoia remains one of the most long-lived representatives of the full-size SUV market. Tellingly, the last update took place two years ago, along with the same platform pickup truck. Many customers refuse to purchase the Sequoia, due to the already pretty outdated designs and prefer a more modern Land Cruiser. So, is it worth to wait for such an important renovation in 2018 Toyota Sequoia?

2018 Toyota Sequoia release date will be earlier than 2020

When will the Toyota Sequoia be redesigned? Currently widely rumored that the new full-size SUV from Toyota will not receive major changes in 2018. The new generation will be only a year after the debut Tundra, so the release date was expected not earlier than 2020, so we could possibly expect 2020 Toyota Sequoia with a full redesign. However, there is no reason to believe such rumors. SUV production cost Toyota dearly – it is one of the few cars on the planet, which is produced partially hand-built.

Therefore, small production volumes can be extremely disadvantageous to the manufacturer. The only way out – to increase demand for the model by producing a new generation. So we expected the actual release date of the new generation Sequoia in late 2018, right after the release of the redesigned Tundra based on a new platform.

2018 Toyota Sequoia release date: late 2018

2018 Toyota Sequoia price

It is most likely that the price of 2018 Sequoia will be at the same level as that of the main competitors – Expedition, Armada, Durango. Or, slightly more than the current generation of the SUV. We should expect the price range around $49,000 – $69,000.

2018 Toyota Sequoia redesign

At the moment, we can only guess how the new generation Sequoia will look, and analyze spy photos. Unfortunately, they do not show anything new. Given that there is a pretty much time until the release date of the new SUV, specifically, 2 years – old body possibly used for fine-tuning the chassis. when will Toyota redesign the Sequoia? In the case of a complete redesign of the SUV, the first design leakage will appear in 2017.

New Toyota Sequoia 2018 is likely to look as well as the new Tundra – get narrower headlights, a larger radiator grille. The interior will be completely renewed in accordance with the latest design trends of the brand.
Toyota keeps the appearance of a new SUV in the top secret. 2018 Toyota Sequoia interior details are also unknown, we could guess that it would mimic next generation Tundra’s layout.

Toyota Sequoia 2018 video

2018 Toyota Sequoia specs

The greatest changes are expected in the Sequoia platform. So, it will apply new, more lightweight design with extensive use of aluminum. It will reduce the weight of the SUV, which has a positive impact on fuel economy.

Also, for the sake of a more moderate fuel appetite we should expect the updated V8 or V6 engine, and the appearance of Cummins diesel engine displacement of 5 liters, borrowed from the new Tundra. 300 HP and 500 lbs-ft of torque provide excellent traction, while brand new 8-speed automatic will help to reduce fuel consumption level.
We also hope that Toyota will improve off-road abilities of the SUV. The appearance of the new more advanced AWD system will improve the not-so-well off-road habits of the current generation vehicle.

2018 Toyota Sequoia Spy Photos

  • BigSkyTexan

    A little more svelte (I miss the ‘perfect’ size of the pre-2008 Sequoia.) and the Cummins diesel with 8 speed auto on a capable 4WD system would be a dream. Toyota could just stop all design on all vehicles right there, having reached nirvana. (Matter of fact, if they downsized a bit, they could drop the 4Runner altogether. Vica versa?) That’s a vehicle I could own and drive til’ I die, or lose my eyes.

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As well as Tundra, the Sequoia is strongly needed an update. We still don't know for sure would it be in 2018 or not.

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