2018 Toyota Venza Could Come Back


Toyota Venza hasn’t been generous with news recently. The new model is based on the same platform as previous generation but with some new technologies. Even though it will focus on more sporty ideas the same level of comfort is still expected.

2018 Toyota Venza Overview

This new car will stick to a more aggressive policy so it will come with sharper design and meaner exterior features. A bigger type of engine is expected to come which means we can hope to get more horsepower. Nevertheless, energy sufficient technologies are expected.

2018 Toyota Venza Exterior

It will be midsize production with a few improvements. The new grille is expected to look bigger and more stylish. Speaking of new Venza being aggressive, it applies to the front part mostly while its back part will look smooth. Headlights of new form are highly expected. New bumper is going to become a bit more narrow. The foglights are said to be updated as well. More chrome is also expected.

2018 Toyota Venza Interior

The new interior is promised to focus on higher level of comfort. It will become more spacious. You will be able to enjoy new elements which are designed perfectly. The whole interior will be more up to date. It will include contemporary features mostly. Bluetooth and USB types of connectivity are onboard. There will be a wide touchscreen as well.

2018 Toyota Venza Engine

You can choose between different engines according to the latest rumors about this automobile. One of them is 2.7 litre unit providing as much as 181 horsepower along with 181 lb-ft of torque. 6-speed automatic transmission is expected to be used. It’s said that the model will be of RWD type. Hardly can you hope to see fuel efficient technologies but the model will also focus on higher speed and new driving experience.

2018 Toyota Venza Release Date

There’re still no certain details on when to expect this car. Most of the sources say that we can hope to see the model in the end of 2017. So we can hope that it’s true.

2018 Toyota Venza Price

Even though it’s quite early to predict the price of the upcoming car, we assume that the standard variant will cost as much as $30,000. Taking into account other options and trims the price may rise up to $40,000.

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