2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Is Good As Crossover Or Station Wagon


Station wagons are not popular among US buyers – that’s why most of the car manufacturers simply don’t offer such cars in the United States or bring only SUV-like versions (like Volvo XC70 and Audi A6 Allroad). Volkswagen had chosen the same path, moreover, take a risk and offer similar estate SUV in an affordable segment – that’s how 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack was born.

The car will compete with Outback, using the same features like enlarged road clearance, all-wheel-drive as a standard and black plastic around wheel arches. Actually, the car has debuted in 2016, and get some refreshments for the next model year. Namely, it has got a more advanced multimedia system, and a few new safety features, available for surcharge.

2018 Volkswagen Alltrack Design

In a nutshell, it is the same Golf station wagon with a few pieces of matte black plastic, 17-inch rims and LED fog lights. Despite these changes, it doesn’t look ugly, alas the attractive profile of estate gain some charm of brutality. This would be okay both for German clean lines admirers and SUV lovers. By the way, it is just 1.5 inches higher than standard Golf, so it is still useless off the road. In terms of size, Golf Alltrack stands between the compact Crosstrek and mid-size Outback from Subaru.

As for interior, it is identical to standard Golf in terms of layout though has richer equipment for top-trims. There are no things which are designed specifically for 2018 Volkswagen Allroad Golf. Economy. Despite being more compact, 2018 Alltrack Golf have a comparable luggage space than Outback – 30 cu ft vs. 36 cu ft, and VW have more convenient shape, helping to place more luggage. With all seats folded the amount of space increase to 67 cu ft (compare with 73 in Subaru).

Trim Levels and Pricing

The standard trim is quite promising – it even has leatherette seats with different color options to choose and power adjustments for driver’s seat. Both front seats have a heating option. No wonder – the basic trim level of Golf Alltrack costs almost by $4,000 more than standard Golf Wagon: $25,850 MSRP. There are 3 trim levels to choose: S, SE and SEL. The top trim costs around $33,000 and includes:

  • 18″ rims;
  • Navigation;
  • Panoramic sunroof;
  • Premium sound system;
  • Keyless entry;
  • Power adjustable front seats.

2018 Volkswagen Alltrack Specs

The Golf Alltrack comes only with a single turbocharged unit, without any choice. It is 1.8L unit producing 170 horsepower. The engine is mated with 6-speed manual gearbox in standard trim, with optional 6-speed dual-clutch robotic. The car is front wheel drive in base trim and all-wheel drive as an option. Surprisingly, the performance of Golf Alltrack is nearly the same as much more powerful 6-cylinder Outback! With DSG, Golf accelerates to sixty for just 7.1 seconds, whereas Subaru goes 7 seconds flat.

The fuel efficiency ratings are rather moderate and comparable with other station wagons in class – 22 MPG in city, 30 MPG in highway and 25 MPG combined, which is quite a lot less than compact AWD Subaru Crosstrek has.

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