2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Long Wheelbase Will Accomodate 7 People


The good news about 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan LWB is that it’s coming. The model is really in production and there are even a few spy shots showing what has already been achieved. The bad news is that there’s too little information about the new model. So here’s what we know. We hope that there will be more information in the near future.

Well, it is going to be an exceptional Tiguan with fantastic performance. This SUV is said to have something in store to surprise you with the level of comfort provided along with driving fun. The handling of the model is promised to be really sharp and accurate. The car maker also says that interior of this vehicle will be great. It will have cutting-edge technologies onboard along with the best materials so you can expect something incredible.

Even though the description of this Tiguan is rather positive and promises made are inspiring enough, the main question is still when to expect this model on the market? It will be a pleasure for the fans of this series to know that the model has finally reached the stage of an early production. It is being produced in Mexico if we can trust the recent rumors.

What is more, the model has already been tested and the long body has been spotted in Puebla, Mexico. There pictures showing new Tiguan LWB riding along Arizona streets.

The production isn’t going to stop and the process of equipment and machinery installation is now been in progress. It means that we can expect more detailed information in the near future. Perhaps Volkswagen will reveal what we will see inside of the Long Body and under its hood. The first tests of this vehicle were taken in July but we still don’t how successful they were and which details the car will include.

Nevertheless, there are assumptions which predict that Volkswagen will share some news in the beginning of 2017. Since the year has just started perhaps there will be something interesting later on. It’s said that 2018 Tiguan LWB will hit the world market with the exception of China.
Judging from what we know, what is rumored and what is promised there’s a glimpse of hope that this version Tiguan will arrive in the second part of this summer.

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