2018 Volvo S60 will continue the renewal of model range


Volvo are planning on going head-to-head to with the likes of the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class with the new 2018 Volvo S60. The current mid-size sedan isn’t anything special, it sells in reasonable numbers and (like many other Volvo models) has a loyal fan base. Volvo are looking to take a wider share of the sedan market, to do this, they will be updating the S60 to make it just that little more special.

Further, Volvo recently announced that their goal is to have no-one in any of their vehicles killed or seriously injured by the year 2020. That’s some goal!

2018 Volvo S60 Release date

We haven’t heard anything official yet, but we expect to see the 2018 Volvo S60 unveiled to the public in the mid part of 2017, with full production and sales happening toward the late part of 2017.

2018 Volvo S60 release date: late 2017

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2018 Volvo S60 Price

We think that the new S60 will fit within the current pricing structure offered by Volvo, perhaps just a little more. The current model sells for anywhere between $34,000 – $59,000 depending on specification.

2018 Volvo S60 video

2018 Volvo S60 Redesign and changes

There are plenty of rumors surrounding the S60, one of those rumors says that the new S60 could have similar technology as fitted to the S90; semi-autonomous driving technology. This would fit well with Volvo’s aim of having no-one killed or injured while in a Volvo by 2020, so we really expect to see this happen, even if it’s just in the high spec models – they have to start introducing it into the smaller cars sooner or later, and given that this will probably be the last S60 before 2020, it makes sense.

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2018 Volvo S60 Equipment

We’re also fairly certain that the current models touchscreen will get an upgrade, both in terms of functionality and size; the new touchscreen will be 9.3” screen and will be similar to an iPad in style and how it works; swiping, pinch and touch gestures will control the functions.The screen will also have Volvo’s latest infotainment system fitted – Sensus.

2018 Volvo S60 Specs

As regards powertrain, we think there will be a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine fitted as standard, it should produce around 250 BHP, which is generally enough for an average size sedan, although it won’t set the world on fire.

Finally, there will be a plug-in hybrid version of the S60. It’s rumored to have 300+ BHP thanks to the use of gas engine, electric motor, turbo charger and supercharger.


  • Fred G. Sanford

    It seems as though Volvo is moving toward designing the S60’s rear in a similar fashion to that of the S90. Here’s hoping they do not. It looks hideous and tarnishes an otherwise beautiful car.

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Relaunched Volvo family has a really spectacular design and outstanding safety features - we expected the same for the future S60.

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