2018 VW Arteon Might Be New Top-End Version of Passat


How far does it make sense to release an extremely stylish fastback sedan today when there’s a high demand for all types of for crossovers and pickups? Perhaps, it’s not very logical but Volkswagen sees its all new 2018 Arteon as a way to attract more buyers. VW has already revealed its Passat CC successor.

To begin with, this model is a four-door coupe purposed to replace Volkswagen CC which is getting older. Arteon has such a chance because it’s an exemplary of auto perfection with its low placed hood sweeps matching the full width of the vehicle’s tires. The car is made with 6 horizontal blades which can be found in the area of the front grille. In addition 2018 Arteon is equipped with 5 creases which are longitudinal. What else makes it a potential replacement for Volkswagen CC? For instance, door glass without a frame and rear turn signals which are sequential.

Affordable and Good-looking

Not only does new prototype by VW combines attractive body and functional features. The carmaker has sculpted an affordable vehicle. In fact it doesn’t even have any relation to Passat anymore. Now it’s a standalone car which we’re guessing will have a base price around $36,000 in differ from its expensive competitors. Which models is it going to compete against? Most likely new Arteon will aim at such recognizable brand names as Mercedes CLS, BMW 3 series GT, Kia Stinger and others. To beat these vehicles VW’s new model has something more attractive than a price. It comes with a comfortable back seat offering a plenty of space enough for three adults.


Like any VW’s car which stands between Golf and Passat, this prototype is also based on MQB technologies. Nevertheless, it’s quite early to think about 2018 Arteon’s success on the U.S. market. At least, until new Passat arrives. Owing to VW global plans concerning this model, the vehicle can replace not only Volkswagen CC but Passat as well. It’s only a speculation though, such a policy will not do any good for VW to be fair. The car maker will inevitably loose a popular model strong on the market of mid-size sedans. Pursuing the global rush Volkswagen has set an eye on small but efficient engines which can contribute to Arteon’s popularity.

Even though Passat and Arteon destiny is still unclear, their paths are close to each other. When the first spy shots of this car appeared people thought it was new generation of the U.S. Passat. Still there’s likelihood that U.S. version of Passat 2018 may potentially inherit a few Arteon features.

What to expect so? Now we can only make assumptions, more details will become clear after U.S. version of this vehicle will be confirmed by Volkswagen or after new generation of Volkswagen Passat arrives. So far VW relies on old fashioned vehicles and the company understands that changes are vital for them. We still hope that the carmaker will release something new to make a good company for their latest Atlas crossover.

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