2019 BMW 6-series Might Change It’s Concept


There is a rumor that says BMW could be making a new flagship model that would sit above the 7 Series, to be called the 9 Series. Whether this rumor turns out to be true or not remains to be seen, but if it does, it could have major implications for the 6 Series Beemer. The 9 Series is said to be a four-door sedan with a sleek coupe-like roofline, if it happens, it’s said that the 6 Series Gran Coupe will be axed to avoid any overlap with the new model. Rumor also has it that the 6 Series Convertible is on the way out thanks to an ever decreasing market.

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So what would that mean for the 6 Series?

Well, rather exciting news (potentially).

OK, so all of this is rumor and speculation so far, but IF the 9 Series happens (and IF it is the super sexy, sleek coupe type thing), then BMW are going to lose some of the luxury Grand Tourer (GT) touches from the 6 and focus it more toward being a Porsche 911 competitor. That is BIG news.

BMW have made a name with the M Series, in particular, the M3 and M5 – these sedans are properly fast cars, not just a slightly warmed over, bloated autobahn cruiser. Imagine if BMW take that know-how and aim it squarely at Porsche? That’s something that we definitely want to see.

New 2019 BMW 6-series Design Changes

The new 2019 BMW 6 Series will get smaller and more agile, it’s also said that there will be a dramatic weight loss, perhaps as much as 500 lbs from the current model. Much of the weight loss will come from being built on the modular CLAR platform, as used on the current 7 Series and about to be underpinning the next generation 5 Series. Of course, it isn’t just an updated platform that helps with the weight; the use of materials like carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and regular aluminum (along with high strength steel) means that the whole vehicle is going to benefit – lighter platform, lighter and stronger shell, improved suspension engineering – the whole lot will benefit.

Another added bonus of the weight reduction will be lower center of gravity, thereby improving the handling on the limit. It will be more nimble and BMW will work on the mechanical grip as much as the aero grip – this isn’t just going to be a fast BMW with a load of aero aids glued on.

2019 6-series New Engine and Tech

To match the styling and mechanical engineering, BMW are developing a new straight six engine, tuned to give V8 levels of horsepower – BMW are stating a minimum of 550 BHP and that’s thanks mainly to the four, yes FOUR turbo’s fitted. The M6 will continue with a twin turbo V8 which will have at least 600 BHP.
550 BHP, reduced weight, increased grip … what’s not to like about that recipe?

To help with the handling, grip and ride, the 6 Series will be very techy – BMW are working on an advanced rear wheel steering system, that should mean very tight cornering and razor sharp handling. Added to the new rear steer will be a brand new air suspension system, although that could just be one of the additional upgrades – will BMW stick with proper mechanical suspension for the base model?

BMW 6-series 2019 Interior Equipment

Inside the cabin, the seats will be 16 way powered adjustable on the base 6 Series, including adjustable side bolstering for that super snug fit, it’s said that there will be 20 way adjustable options (including massage and ventilation), but really … 20 way adjustable seats? That sounds way too complicated. The M-Sport package upgrade will have the usual M-Sport leather covered steering wheel, SensaTec upholstered dash and aluminum pedal covers and footrest.

But will there be a need for a M version? If the 6 Series is going to be re-engineered to be a 911 killer, surely the M6 would be redundant? Well, maybe that’s true, but then for so long, the M Series is really just about having that bit extra – there has never really been a true NEED for it, but it’s nice to have it there. Who doesn’t like a little extra horsepower or sharper handling?

6-series 2019 Pricing

BMW have remained very quiet about the 2019 6 Series, there are so many rumors that it’s difficult to understand what it or isn’t true. Least of all those rumors are pricing – without knowing exactly what we’re getting, it’s difficult to predict a price – will it be a continuation of the regular 6 or the 911 beater?

Whatever happens, you can be sure that the next BMW 6 Series won’t cost less than $60,000. We’ll know more shortly, but in the meantime, expect a release date of around July 2018 at the earliest, and we can’t wait to see what BMW have in store … we’re desperately hoping for the Porsche beater.

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The new 6-series might change its concept from personal luxury car to supercar - 911 killer.

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