Ford Mustang Might Get Generation Change In 2019


The Mustang name has been around for decades – going as far back as the early 60’s. We are currently on the sixth generation of the ‘Pony’ car.

While it hit a slump in the 90’s and 2000’s, the Mustang had a revival (in popularity) over the last few years, perhaps even being hailed as much when it was launched, where it went on to become the Muscle car that everyone remembers and adores.

Ford haven’t released too much official information regarding the 2019 model, but there have been some spy shots of cars carrying details that could be the 2019 model, or at least, styling cues that could find their way on to the Ford Mustang 2019.

As we’ve already stated, there have been some cars out testing in full camouflage, whether they will go on to become the 2019 Ford Mustang or whether they have details that will make it on to the model, we don’t actually know.

Officially, we think that Ford will launch the 2019 Ford Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2018, with a full roll out to dealerships later that year.

It’s expected that Ford will keep the Mustang 2019 competitively priced, this should mean a starting price in the region of $32,000 for the base model, perhaps rising to as much as just over $50,000 for the loaded version.

What New Might Be In 2019 Model?

Rumor has it that Ford will be looking to enhance the Mustang more toward luxury sports rather than muscle, a little like the GT cars from decades ago. However, there is no 2019 Ford Mustang testing spied, so the actual design of 2019 Mustang is top secret now.

Concept Car First

The generation change requires the concept version before the actual release of the production version of the car. We expect the appearance of the concept car sometime in 2018, most likely on one of the North American auto shows.

Powertrain Rumors

Nothing has been announced regarding the motors that could be fitted, but we think there are a few choices:
The 5.2 liter flat plane V8 as fitted to the GT350, the regular 5.0 V8 already in use with the Mustang, or perhaps a 428 ci (7.0 liter) Ram Air Cobra Jet V8.

GT Version

Along with a powerful V8 (which there HAS to be), we think that Ford will look for a smaller, less powerful motor to be fitted in the base model – possibly the 2.3 liter 4-cylinder turbo with 250 BHP. There could be a V6 in 2019 Ford Mustang GT instead of monstrous 5-liter V8.

Whatever the engine, we think that the 2019 Mustang will get the long-awaited 10-speed auto transmission that’s currently in development.

Mach 1 Modification

Mach 1 is the long-awaited special modification of the car, which should be placed between GT model and Shelby ones. There are 2019 Ford Mustang rumors that only the next generation of the car receive such modification.


As for tech (inside and out), there will be an updated infotainment system with an all new dashboard, expect the usual toys – USB, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and we think that Ford will fit active damping as standard.
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The 2019 Mustang is going to have the whole new design, updated engines, along with the new powerful superchanged V8 engine in top trims.

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