Ford Taurus Is Going To Have Only a Minor Update In 2019


The Ford Taurus IS America… while you can buy it as a regular private customer, it’s used by many of the U.S.’s law enforcement agencies – it just seems to be America on 4 wheels.

Due to this, updates and refreshes haven’t been all that common, the last significant update was almost 6 years ago, and even the planned 2019 Ford Taurus won’t change significantly.

Truth be told, there’s plenty of rumors surrounding the Taurus, but from what we’ve seen and read, most of them don’t have any ground, especially when they’re talking of naturally aspirated 2.0 liter engines making 240 BHP – yes it’s possible, but why would you fit a semi-race motor into a boring sedan?

Next Taurus Release

There has been some confusion as to whether this next Taurus would be a 2018 or 2019 Model Year, only recently has it been confirmed as a 2019 car. This means that it should hit the showrooms sometime late in 2018, think around September or October.

Not much is changing, so don’t expect to see a huge price hike. Current model starts in the region of $28,000, so we’d guess that the next gen will be just under $29,000.

What Would Be Changed

In one sentence… not a lot.

Because the Taurus is an official government vehicle, it restricts the updates, we think that we’re only going to see very minor styling updates to the 2019 Taurus, all mainly to do with giving the car an updated face; new grille, updated bumpers, maybe new headlights and that will be it.

4 Instead of 6

We think that Ford will be updating the powertrain – we know that an updated transmission is going to be fitted, what we don’t know is whether Ford are updating the engines at the same time – we believe that a new EcoBoost engine will be fitted, the entry level Taurus will be a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder instead of the V6.

We also think that the Taurus will be built on a new platform, with lighter weight materials, meaning that overall weight will be reduced by as much as 200 lbs if the rumors are correct. Finally, it is said that the interior will get some attention – updated upholstery, new accents and trims. Overall, the 2019 Ford Taurus will be a better car; it may not look much different, but the quality of the materials used will mean better quality all round.

Ford Taurus SHO

The Super High Output version of the Taurus (that is the definition of SHO acronym) is unlikely to change much and will be performed with the same recipe as before. Bring more aggressive styling, special body kit, SHO badges and high-performance turbocharged engine. For 2019 model year it is likely to be the same V6 EcoBoost, but a bit tweaked.
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The next Taurus is likely to be only a deep modification of the current generation car. The major changes expected in the engine department.

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