Honda Accord 2019 Is Going To Be Fully Redesigned


The Accord name has been part of the Honda line up for over forty years; first introduced back in 1976, the Accord went on to become a best seller for Honda and the name has been used on all manner of vehicles – sedan, station wagon, coupe etc.

Honda have remained tight lipped about the 2019 model, although they have released just enough information for the fans Ato take notice and wait eagerly for the updated version.

The later Honda models have become so much more stylish – they would definitely be at the top of our list if we were looking for a good looking but sensible mid-size sedan.

Redesign and Changes of 2019 Honda Accord


1. 2019 Honda Accord Redesign and Changes
2. Body Types
3. When and How Much
4. No More V6 for 2019 Accord

The Accord 2019 is a good looking sedan, very little needs changing for it to remain looking modern and stylish, but Honda will do the usual trick of updating the face – different LED headlighting, restyled bumpers and slightly modified grille will keep the Accord looking fresh and distinguishable from the predecessor (which of course is one of the most important reasons for updating – customers won’t be as willing to buy a new car if it looks exactly the same as the previous version).

Body Types

The most popular body type will be available right after the reveal of the next generation model. 2019 Honda Accord Sedan modification is likely to be a worldwide model – features the same design in almost all markets. It might be redesigned in the same way as Civic – to be a hatchback-looking sedan.

The 2-door modification of the next generation Accord is likely to be revealed a year or two later right after the actual release of the sedan version. 2019 Honda Accord coupe will feature the same style design and the same set of powertrains. We could also guess that next coupe will feature 4-doors and a sleek design like Kia GT.

When and How Much

The new Honda Accord 2019 will be unveiled at one of the larger auto shows in 2018 before going on to full production and dealer roll out later that year. We would expect to see the new Accord 2019 hitting the forecourts around September of 2018.

There is no official information regarding the 2019 Honda Accord pricing, but Honda will need it to remain competitive; it’s in a strong market that’s well contested, so we think that the base model will start at just under $30,000 – around $28,000 – $29,000.

release date of car Release date in 2018
car price Starting price under $30,000
car drive layout Front-wheel drive only
car engine type New turbocharged 2-liter engine instead of V6, 174 HP 1.5 liter 4 cylinder for standard
car top speed 127 MPH of top speed (limited)
fuel consumption rating Up to 31 MPG in combined cycle

No More V6 For 2019 Accord

There are a number of rumors regarding what we’ll find under the hood, but we think the base model will be fitted with a 1.5 liter turbo charged 4-cylinder which makes 174 BHP and 162 lb/ft of torque.

There is talk of the 3.5 liter V6 being used or perhaps being replaced by a 2.0 liter turbo – our money would be on the V6 being dropped in favor of a smaller turbocharged motor – it would make a huge difference to fuel economy and therefore help Honda reduced their corporate emissions through the vehicles, for this reason, we think the 2019 Honda Accord hybrid version will also be available with the same hybrid system that’s being used in the 2017 Accord. However, the range and efficiency of hybrid version should be increased to compete with all-electric vehicles and new Prius Prime.

The Accord 2019 will also be fitted with the full Honda Sensing Active Safety Technology.

The 2019 Honda Accord Sport version of the car is unlikely to come on the US market. This is mainly for developing countries – Accord Sport is actually a top-trim version of standard modification of the car.
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The new 2019 Accord is going to be fully redesigned, gained a new options and powertrains.

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