2019 Lamborghini Asterion – The First Lambo Hybrid


Asterion (in case you’re wondering, which we know you are!) was the Minotaur from Greek mythology, a hybrid if you will.

This next generation Lambo is also a hybrid. See the connection?

Very little information exists regarding the 2019 Lamborghini Asterion, certainly official information; it wasn’t that long ago that the head man at Lambo denied the existence of it, then it was leaked that something did exist, but as to what the actual market that Lambo wants to compete in is still a mystery – enough power to be classed as a hyper car, but with styling aimed at the ultimate Grand Tourer (GT) from yesteryear.

This could all be subterfuge of course, but regardless, this is what the industry are saying about the new model.

2019 Lamborghini Asterion Release date

We’re absolutely positive that the 2019 Lamborghini Asterion won’t be ready for a release until late 2018. No doubt that it will have a debut at one of the larger auto shows in that year, but it won’t be in the showroom until at least September 2018, although of course, you’ll be able to pre-order should you wish.

2019 Lamborghini Asterion release date: late 2018

2019 Lamborghini Asterion Price

This is where the most speculation is; it really does depend on where Lamborghini see the Asterion fitting; is it a GT car, or a full-on hyper car? Starting at the GT end, pricing is expected to be in the region of $200,000, if we’re talking more … sporty, then it’s doubtful you’ll see change from half a million bucks, perhaps even more.

2019 Lamborghini Asterion Video

2019 Lamborghini Asterion Design and Specs

This is a brand new model, looking at the pictures & renderings that are on the internet, it reminds us very much of the Ferrari Daytona, meaning a super-fast GT car. To achieve this, Lambo will use the Huracán’s 602 BHP 5.2 liter V10, with an extra two electric motors powering the front wheels, giving 897 BHP in total, we expect torque to be in the region of at least 700 lb/ft.

900 odd BHP means a top speed of 199 MPH and a zero to sixty sprint in three seconds flat, if you want to switch off the gas guzzler, then the Asterion will travel 31 miles on electric power only, with a top speed of 78 MPH (although don’t expect those two figures to meet – if you’re travelling at 78 MPH, you won’t be getting anywhere near 30 miles of range).

2019 Lamborghini Asterion Interior

The interior is all luxury; the cabin will be a mixture of Alcantara, leather, aluminum and titanium. The body will be placed on top of an Aventador tub – this is expected to be one heck of an automobile, and we think it’s about time that one of the sports manufacturers took the route for a very high-performance GT car – almost unique in this day and age.

What do you think of the Asterion? Would you want to see a super-fast GT car? Let us know

Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance5
  • Design5
  • Features4.4
  • Fuel economy3.5

The new Lambo is going to have a new hybrid powertrain, built on the same V10 engine used in current Lamborghini models.

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