2019 Lexus GS Redesign Would Be Limited to a Facelift


This Japanese sports sedan is currently on its fourth generation, the last gen being introduced in 2012 as a 2013 model year. It seems as though Lexus are just getting better with every model they produce, and we expect this next gen GS to be right up there, showing the competition just how cars should be made. Forget the Euro sports sedans, if you want something that shows you have imagination and taste, go for the Lexus. We have very few details regarding the new model, but we’ve spoken to some industry insiders and this is what we know so far…

Upcoming 2019 Lexus GS 350 Redesign


1. Upcoming GS 350 Redesign
2. Reveal and price
3. New Turbocharged Engines
4. New Lexus GS F version

From what we understand, there won’t be much action in the styling department at Lexus when it comes to the new Lexus GS 2019, it will mainly center on the visual face of the auto; updated grille, bumpers (front and rear) and modified lighting, again at the front and rear. It’s enough to mark it out as the new model, but couldn’t really be called the next gen – it’s more of an updated version rather than full-on redesign (certainly in the style department at least).

GS 2019 Reveal and Price

The 2019 Lexus GS is expected to make its debut in late 2017, with sales starting as early as the first quarter or so of 2018, as the 2019 model year. This is quite unusual; we expect to see new models a few months before the model year, but this will be almost a complete year in advance. There is some speculation regarding the pricing, rumors have GS 2019 between $45,000 and $53,000 for the new model, we’d guess somewhere between that – $47,000 – $51,000 for 2019 GS 350.

2019 GS 350 New Turbocharged Engines

The biggest news is that we’ll see a twin turbo V6 engine (more likely for the 2019 Lexus GS F version); the first ever production turbo V6 in Toyota’s history. There will be two options for engine; the current 2.0 liter turbo 4 (8AR-FTS) will get a slight bump in power up to 270 lb/ft of torque but we’ll also have the 3.0 liter V6 twin turbo to look forward to; Toyota rated it at just over 400 BHP and around 325 lb/ft of torque – definitely enough to feel lively. Coupled with the new motor will be a weight loss, which should all add up to the new 2019 GS feeling quite sporty. Nothing significant is happening on the inside, except for new trim materials, so on the whole, it’s not going to look that much different, let’s just hope the engineering improvements are enough!

release date of a car Reveal date expected in early 2018 as 2019 model year car
pricing range Around $50,000 for GS 350 model
drive layout Rear-wheel drive with optional AWD
engine type Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine as a standard, around 280 HP. New turbocharged 3-liter V6 engine up to 400 HP
top speed over 154 MPH of top speed
fuel consumption Average consumption around 26 MPG

New Lexus GS F version for 2019

Recently Lexus has broaden their F models (which is stands the same as AMG and M Performance for German premium cars). Almost every Lexus car in the modern line up include this version. The new GS is not an exception. According to fresh rumors, Updated GS F of 2019 model year would receive all-new twin-turbocharged V6 engine producing over 400 HP. It means 0-60 acceleration time in 4.7-5 seconds and over 154 MPH of top speed. However, it is still not so impressive compared to C-class AMG and BMW M3. We guess that Lexus could be more affordable than German rivals. Are you a Lexus lover? What do you think to the new GS? Let us know.

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4.6 overall
  • Safety4.7
  • Performance4.6
  • Design4.6
  • Features4.7
  • Fuel economy4.2

The new GS is expected to have only a facelift for 2019 model year, however, we could expect the first ever turbocharged V6 engine made by Toyota, to debut in 2019 GS.

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