2019 Nissan Altima Might Be The First Autonomous Nissan


The current Nissan Altima is just a world of bland and boring; sure, it’s reliable and does everything you need it to, but it’s never going to set any pulses racing. It’s just vanilla.

However… the next gen Altima seems the polar opposite, IF Nissan incorporate the concept recently shown at the 2017 North American International Auto Show called the Vmotion2.0 – that’s the rumor at least, and without doubt, Nissan would be on to a winner if they do.

Despite a lack of official information, here’s what we know, or at least, what we hope…

What new in Altima

Although we aren’t 100% sure of the upgrades that Nissan are planning, we do know that Nissan are looking to completely update the Altima for 2019.

We think that the new Altima will be based on the Nissan Vmotion2.0 concept recently shown, which has an influence of the Maxima about it.
We know that Nissan won’t be using the suicide doors that were fitted to the concept, they just don’t work well enough in the real world, but the overall shape, including the floating c-pillar will be incorporated into the design.

Construction materials will be get an upgrade; think high strength steel and alloys – this will help to reduce the weight, thereby improving ride, handling and of course, the all important gas mileage.

As for the interior, the Vmotion2.0 had a beautiful leather and Zebra wood interior, we’d guess that the leather will be staying for the higher end versions, but we think aluminum accents rather than wood will get the go ahead for production.

2019 Nissan Altima Reveal

We’re expecting to see the 2019 Nissan Altima hitting the showrooms in late 2018; the concept has already been released to the public, so production isn’t far off. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.


Nissan haven’t released any pricing structures at the moment, and looking at what is possibly instore update wise, we think the prices will possibly go up a little. The current entry level model starts about $24,000, so we think that the next gen will be closer to $26,000.

The First Autonomous Nissan?

As to whether Nissan will have the ProPilot autonomous technology fitted to the 2019 Altima remains to be seen; we do know that Nissan wants it in production for the start of the next decade, so it’s possible that we may just see it.

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In 2019 Nissan Altima is expected to have a major upgrade. It is rumored to be the very first autonomous Nissan vehicle available for purchase.

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