Anaheim Auto Show


Anaheim Auto Show is a popular event which is held annually. You can typically see the latest achievements made in the auto world there. This show attracts a lot of car lovers and professionals to look at the vehicles. Carmakers present their latest achievements and reveal some of the secrets during this show.

Anaheim Auto Show 2015

The previous show took place in Orange County and had something to boast about. Among many cars, spectators could see the latest Audi. BMW was generous enough to reveal more secrets about their BMWi model. Respectful Cadillac could be seen during 2015 Anaheim Auto Show with all the techs and interior features. Nissan decided to be generous as well. The carmaker did not hesitate to showcase a few models of theirs. Among them were Nissan GTR and Nissan 370 Z.

The latter one demonstrates all the details of its engine. Mercedes-Benz arrived with a small fleet of cars to offer. Visitors of the show could try the company’s most famous SUV, coupe and representatives of the luxurious segment. Nevertheless, the carmaker faced a serious competitor which was all elegant and simply perfect Lincoln. McLaren came to show what they have done to their 570 series. The model was presented as S and GT version. Lamborghini did not stay aloof. Its latest Huracana was a piece of art with sleek and smooth body of snow white color. Its competitors definitely had to go through hard times.

Anaheim Auto Show 2016

The upcoming show is going to take place in Orange County again. It will cost you from $10 to $12 to get there. Discounts are available. What are you going to get for this money? You will be able to see more than 600 of the latest cars. Among them are trucks, SUV, convertibles, and sports cars. All of them in one place. You will have the opportunity to test over100 of them. You will be able to try models from Toyota and KIA to such exotic brands as McLaren, Lamborghini, and Maserati.

To be particularly precise the show offers you an opportunity to feel yourself inside of Chevrolet, Acura, Honda, Chrysler and other vehicles. The whole place will be divided into sections. Some of them will show you exclusive fast and glamorous cars which are packed with latest technologies. Other section will showcase brutal SUVs which are good for those who need to travel off-road in a harsh environment. All cars will be presented with information on their engine and specs. Some of them are still in progress, though.
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