Recent Rumors and Leaks About Apple Self Driving Car


Did you know that Apple company has some interest in the auto industry? Recent news and leaks are here.

Apple Car Project

Almost three years ago Apple started a secret project known as “Titan”. They have employed around a thousand of specialists to work in Cupertino. Their task was to build an e-vehicle. Later on, the company decided to change its plan. They started to produce an autonomous driving system. Such policy was more beneficial because Apple could cooperate with other carmakers. This is what has born so many rumors about “Project Titan”. Some people still think that Apple is working on fully autonomous car while others say that Apple has started negotiations with BMW to offer them new technologies.

Little does who know but Apple was interested in carmaking even before they got success with their devices. Apple car rumors started with a leak saying that the company researches another branch of business appeared in 2015. It was the shot of a mysterious black van driving over Northern California. It was equipped with cameras so many people started to think was showing off their new technology which was something like Google Street View. Others started to think self-driving vehicles by Apples are being progress.

There was another leak. An unknown employee from Apple sends a letter to Business Insider. There was some information boasting about Apple creating a technology which would give Tesla a run for its money. Most of the media started to dig up this mysterious hint. As a result Apple car rumors said that the company was engaged into employing professional who are experts in automotive technologies. Some people started to think that Apple was up to developing software platform.

At the same time, The Wall Street Journal published another Apple self-driving car news. According to them the company was involved in building e-vehicle. It had a look of a typical minivan. It was when BMW came to the picture again. There were rumors that Apple does cooperate with German brand and provides them with technologies for i3 model. In fact i3 is a compact vehicle with a pretty design which may remind of Apple style though.

Apple self-driving car news continue to arrive. One of the recent news which fuels most rumors was discovered this autumn. In fact, Apple sent a letter to US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The letter included some paragraphs saying that auto industry should be opened for new entrants without any restrictions. The letter also sad that Apple would be interested in making efforts to create autonomous vehicles which mean that one of the most successful companies has wider interests than releasing iPhones only.

Apple Self-Driving Car Video

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