Audi A3 2017 testing caught on camera


Audi A3 2017 caught on camera during a road tests.

Audi A3 2017 redesign

Audi A3 2017 redesign

It is expected that the updated Audi A3 sedan 2017 will be equipped with different headlights and a new grille, made in the style of the new Audi A4. However, pictures are the front and rear of the vehicle hidden by camouflage, so to evaluate how much the design model is not possible.

The photo clearly shows that design changes will not be significant and will affect, primarily, the optics, which will be new lights “flash”, which debuted on the Audi A4.

Also it is impossible to exclude a variant in which a turned modification A3 will get updated and rear part, where from the point of view of the external appearance will change the bumper and exhaust system.

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Audi A3 2017 exterior

Audi A3 2017 spy shots

The rich traditional appearance of the car for this model features. Just look at the front part, where there are turned elements, which fades into each other. “Slicked” the hood of the car looks majestic. Original and unusual look big headlights irregularly shaped, contoured led trim. The center flaunts a huge grille, made in the traditional style. Front bumper Audi A3 2017 made carefully. On either side there are rectangular air intakes.

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Audi A3 2017 interior

Also stated that in the cabin of the sedan will be available with a digital instrument cluster, but on a technical stuffing until there is no official data. It is assumed that the line of power units Audi A3 will be supplemented by a new 1.8-liter engine, developing 190 HP Engine gets cylinder deactivation system for light loads.

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Audi A3 2017 engine specs

Audi A3 2017 facelift

Under the hood the newly-made Audi A3 arranged the Assembly with a volume of 1.8 litres and capacity of 180 “horses”, while not ruled out the version with equipment for not less than a powerful engine with turbine.

Audi A3 2017 release date

Audi A3 2017 concept

Journalists believe that the new A3 sedan first shown to the public in autumn 2016 at the motor show in Paris. In European countries, improved sales of a sedan Audi A3 will begin, tentatively, in the 2nd half of 2016. According to commissioners of the company, Audi A3 updated generation will enjoy great popularity and demand in all global auto market.

Release date: end of 2016

2017 Audi A3 video review

2017 Audi A3 photos and spy shots
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