Audi Plans to Develop Electric Dampers Charging from Bumps


It was almost sixty years ago when Citroёn changed the world of autos. The introduction of hydropneumatic suspension system during Traction Avant was a marvel which has definitely set a new trend in the car industry. In a year Citroёn came up with an improved version of their invention. The new approach of this carmaker was the following. Suspension system typical for the 50s worked with springs of a coil. The bumps could be absorbed by the means of dampers as well. What Citroёn did was changing them by using hydraulic fluid. Nothing could be compared to this variant in those days.

Times have changed. Now Audi comes up with a new solution which is predicted to be as revolutionary as the one made by Citroёn. Its new suspension system which uses simply radical approach is known as eROT. Perhaps the name is far from being amazement, nevertheless, there are more interesting features expecting to be discovered.

The main focus of eRot is hydraulic dampers which have being used traditionally since 1954. The new idea of Audi is to provide units of electromechanical type. All of them are going to work with a battery of 48 volts. It is thought to be placed at the axle of an auto. According to engineers, such approach makes it possible to improve the compression of dampers while strokes can function independently. Thus, a typical driver can expect drive and handling which are more comfortable.

audi electric dampers

Electric nature of eROT makes it possible to recover electric energy from compression and strokes which are rebound. Generating heat energy by traditional approach is just dissipated while new dampers make it possible to use the energy received for other functions of your car. If you are familiar with the idea of regenerative braking, you will see a lot of similarities here.

What is more, Audi’s innovative dampers are placed horizontally. It allows providing more space in the rear part of your interior while typical vertical placement is less friendly towards this aspect.

However, Audi does not reveal any certain plans on when it is going to implement the dampers. As far as we know the manufacturer is going to start a massive production of new models which have the battery of 48 volts utilized for the sake of other functions, we can expect new dampers soon enough. If Audi leaves up to expectations and the market will finally see their concept in action, it is definitely going to change the car industry once again.
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