Audi Q5 Get Improved Quattro Technology – Ultra


Whenever speaking of Audi Quattro technologies you can’t think of two different types of policy people stick to. One part of the fans prefers a more traditional approach which can be described as an old-school one. This is rear-biased Torsen Quattro system many drivers are so used to. Another camp of fans prefers MQB platform. This one provides you with Haldex system which is front-based.

Now things are going to change and there may well appear another camp of fans. The fact is that all new system has been introduced recently. It is referred to as Audi Quattro ultra. So you can only hate it or love it.

Initially, the carmaker was going to make an AWD type of car which would be a racing kind. They didn’t want to use traditional transfer box. Many of them can be found in classical off-road autos which are built for hardcore drivers. It’s reasonable because such model tends to be heavy and even clumsy so they can’t simply compete against racing rival. Light weight is the key in this case.

For the industry focused on better efficiency weight reduction plays a role even more important than ever before. This is exactly why classical Quattro system chose center differential. This is still reasonable because it makes it possible to divide the torque produced by the engine. So the torque is provided to the wheels which are driven regardless of the rotating speed which is a nice decision.

How is it possible? The fact is that the center differential used in Quattro divides torque power between rear and front wheels. The center diff itself is placed into the gearbox which helps to do the following. Now front and rear axles are connected when you are in danger of losing grip. You get the access to an infinitely variable split of torque and this is how it works.

It’s logical that the split ratio will be equal to 50:50. At least it would be reasonable enough. Nevertheless, when it comes to RS4 like platforms which tend to be of more sporty type there will be more power delivered to rear bias. This is the way which fans of traditional policy prefer.

Quattro ultra is a third option to choose and a new type of policy to join to. A very smart policy, indeed. It operates in a complicated way. Its mission is to save your fuel in real time. In comparison to FWD, Q5 Quattro Q5 requires 0.2L per 100km.

When recent Q5 is started it selects AWD mode automatically. When you start moving off (and if there’s no slip found) FWD mode kicks in. In case if front wheels do slip rear wheels get power. It is made by the means of two clutches in fact. One of the clutches can be found at the gearbox area while another one is closer to the rear axle. Audi says that their new system is smart and intuitive because it sends the power to the right side at the right time.

It all is made possible due to a presence of sensors which enable the right mode. By the way, you won’t feel any discomfort when the system switches from AWD to FWD. The system also includes Dynamic and Stability control features. The new approach is also great at speed aspect.
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