Why Robotic Cars Could Put Away Traffic Jams In Future


Road congestion tends to be heavy enough. Many megalopolises severely suffer from this problem. In the meantime, the governments still have not come up with any idea that could seriously help. Those of you who are familiar with the work of traffic patterns, its principles as well as about reasons which actually cause traffic congestion should also know an irritating fact which is very common: a simple tap of the brakes is enough to cause a traffic jam which can be long and will last for hours.

You should also think about those drivers who are in a traffic jam but have no clue about things which exacerbate a traffic jam. Their actions make the whole situation even worse. Nevertheless, there are numerous researches which prove that knowing the strategy of driving behavior could help. If every driver knew this strategy and could strictly stick to it, the situation would change significantly. Hardly would it eliminate traffic jams at all but it would decrease their amount as well as length. In fact, the strategy mentioned is simple. It is enough to maintain the right distance from the car which is in front of you as well as the car which is behind of you.

Pros and Cons

Things sound even too simple maybe. However, practice shows different. It is natural for human to speed up or slow down while driven. Being non-robotic by nature we cannot maintain the constant speed. Thus, we will never be able to follow the principle of constant speed. We have not got enough precision and consistency to keep at an equal distance for continuous periods of time. In addition, you cannot be responsible for the behavior of other drivers. Even if you manage to keep the right distance, you cannot feel confident about things happening behind you. So, when someone hits your bumper from behind there is not much you can do about it.

As you might guess, the only way out of this problem is using autonomous cars. Self-driving cars only can act robotic and choose speed which will stay unchanged for a long driving period. In addition, autonomous cars are equipped with technologies which allow them to evaluate road situation and stay at a distance from other cars. Thus, the process does not depend on one action of a certain driver, it is a complicated system where every auto is inter-dependable.

Such approach is a good idea because autonomous cars have fewer problems when calculating speed and they can choose the right driving style which is helpful to avoid human mistakes. Even though such vehicles are still underworked and have a lot of flaws, their introduction would have a tremendous impact on road congestion.

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