How Not To Kill Dual Clutch Transmission – Bad Habits To Avoid


The variety of transmissions today is wide enough to make you confused about which one is better. While many drivers still argue what is preferable: CVT or dual clutch, we are going to focus more on the aspect of use rather than choice. Our main character is a dual clutch transmission.

When you drive an automatic mode dual clutch transmission it is much the same as typical torque converter automatic. Nevertheless, things are very different from the mechanical point of view. There are no particular problems using transmission of this type. In fact, you can drive it the same way as the automatic transmission. But engineers warn that you can make dual clutch life longer by changing your driving habits a bit.

Forget About Cripping

Thus, it is not a good idea to slowly move in traffic inch after inch as you usually do with typical automatic. It is recommended to wait for a gap big enough between you and an auto in front. This is the moment when you can proceed forward. Similarly, if you drive along and come to a stop you should not put your vehicle in neutral because engineers have already thought about this problem and onboard computer will take care of you.

habits kill dct

Hold The Brake

Another piece of advice is when you take a stop on an incline. It is not wise to take your foot off the brake. If you take your foot off in a case with automatic transmission, the torque converter still continues spinning which is enough to hold the vehicle stationary in place. As for dual-clutch vehicles, they use the clutch pack which is going to be slipping and you will put unnecessary heat into the clutch pack. It will disengage the clutch pack which will lead to unnecessary wear.

Stay Logical

The next thing you need to think about is the logic of the transmission. You should nor downshift while on the accelerator pedal, neither should you upshift while on the brakes. The dual clutch transmission has two different transmission chefs at a minimum. One of them is going to have even gears while the other one is going to have odd gears. So gearshift only requires the change of disengaging and reengaging a clutch rather than shifting into a second gear. In other words, dual clutch transmission needs to predict which gear you will go into next.

bad habits destroy dct

Wise Launch

The last point to dwell upon is launching your dual clutch transmission vehicle. To prevent it from wearing fast, you should put your left foot on the brake and hold that. Then you need to press the gas. The critical thing here is not to hold that very long. You need to go off the brake quickly. Otherwise, you will dump all the heat into your clutch.

Eventually, you should not think that your dual clutch transmission auto will not work, if you do not follow the tips above. It will. However, if you want to make its longevity as long as possible, our recommendations will definitely help you.
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