New Modification of Flying Spur By Bentley – W12S


There used to be times when going beyond 200 MPH was more like a wonder for a car. Only cutting edge supercars could reach it and make everyone jealous. However, such cars could not boast about being safe and reliable. Many of them were dangerous to drive.

Things have changed a lot since then. Thus, new luxurious and highly comfortable sedan created by Bentley can easily break 200 MPH mark without any risk. In addition, the level of noise will extremely low when driving at such speed.


In other words, a new model by Bentley combines power with safety and comfort. The vehicle is known as Flying Spur W12 S. It is the flagship of the carmaker which has attractive style and luxurious interior. This four-door sedan can reach 200 MPH owing to the use of a new amazing engine.

The powerplant chosen goes as W12 of twin turbo type. It has been all tuned and upgraded to the maximum. Thus, it can develop up to 626 horsepower. It is ten HP more in comparison to the typical models of 12 cylinders. The torque has been seriously changed as well giving out monstrous 605 lb-ft. It means that you can easily make it from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it? So, this auto is even faster than the latest version of Porsche 911 which is known as of the fastest cars of today.

The auto is going to be offered with AWD system which is rear biased. The auto benefits mostly from upgraded suspension along with damper system which has also being improved. All the turbocharged power is easy to handle owing to the stability control which has also being modernized and made better for driving purposes. It may sound like new Bentley model is going to be closer to sportscar. Nevertheless, automaker promises that the vehicle will represent features of high comfort. New brakes are made carbon ceramic which is very useful for the ultimate weight of twin turbo technologies.

Styling Features

Along with numerous mechanical improvements, Flying Spur displays a few stylish features. Thus, its taillights are tinted, pieces of trim are made gloss black. It’s standard wheels are 21 inch wide with 7 spokes. Being equipped with W12 badges this auto has expensive look which says a lot about its owner.

Despite the fact that Bentley still produces Mulsanne which is definitely of range-topping type, the majority of drivers cannot buy a luxurious cruiser with the engine which has less than 12 cylinders. Since Mulsanne goes with 8 pistons only, Flying Spur has all the chances to be the new flagship of the company.
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