Best Cars For Modern Hippies


The idea of driving and living out anywhere looks great. Even though it may be not so practical today, there are vehicles which can help to make this dream a reality. Some of them are spacious while others are better for the environment. Here they are.

Honda Element with ECamper

This car is the result of collaboration between Honda and Ursa Minor Vehicles. This is a practical but compact variant to rely on. Its rear seats can be folded up into the walls to provide more space. There are also suicide rear doors which are not bad at all. With the camper, this vehicle becomes a bit higher. In addition, you can look through ventilation-screened windows and enjoy LED lighting.

Ford Transit Connect Van

This is the van which has quite a sharp shape. Even though it wasn’t designed for camping purposes, it is a spacious vehicle which accommodate up to 15 people. Its roof is extended so that you can even stand inside of it. Being equipped with EcoBoost V6 Transit saves enough fuel. The interior looks nice however this is the van which is made for work.

1980s Chevrolet Conversion Van

This is retro type of a camper which brings back memories of a small TV screen with a Nintendo connected to it. A cooler box was used for storing drinks and a table with cup holders was inside. These are the main features of this well-known car. Its rear bench could be transformed into a bed. This is a nostalgic van which is a real symbol of a hippy car. You can find more nostalgia only in future 2017 VW Bus.

Chrysler Town & Country

This is your choice, if you want more luxurious and comfortable vehicle. It’s equipped with swiveling seats. There’s a table inside which pops up when needed. There’re a lot of technologies including USB ports and TVs. Its safety is perfect and its cabin is almost absolutely sound proof. Its seats are also foldable in case you want to take a nap. A storage space is its merit too.

Volkswagen Westfalia Pop-Up Camper

One of the vehicles which symbolize vans to live in is this car. It’s an improved version of the original bus by VW. It gives you a tent which pops up. It’s also equipped with an air conditioner while its steering is of a power type. In differ from its original variant this bus has more ponies inside. This van has a sink and tables which are laminated. The stove is onboard too as well as child sleeping cot.

If you don’t like these vans for camping, you can also try such models as Chrysler Town and Country with a pop up table, a mysterious Ford Flex or Dodge Magnum SRT8 which is a piece of art in terms of its shaped and design.
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