Best Hatchback 2017


Hatchbacks cover just about every aspect of the car markets, you’ll find them in: Subcompact, Compact, Wagons, Sport Compact, Premium Sport Sedan, Premium Sport Compact, Mid-Size Luxury Car, Hybrid, Entry Level Luxury Car, Full Electric Vehicle and City Car.

Regardless of the type or genre of car you’re after, there will be a hatchback version.
With them being such a dominant part of the car market, we thought we’d put a list together of a few we like; there is no other reason than we like the look of them – price, features, techno – all irrelevant in this list. If we like it, it’s listed. Here are the best new hatchbacks 2017.

Fiat 500
$15,990 – $20,985

The Fiat 500 was perhaps the first of the well-known auto makers to go retro, and it worked in buckets!
Cool styling, great handling.

Honda Civic
$19,615 – $29,175

The Honda Civic has been around for so long. It’s a great all-rounder and super reliable; you could drive around the world in it and never question it. One of the best hatchbacks of 2017.

Hyundai Veloster
$18,935 – $24,635

Made this list purely because it’s different from the regular hatchback style autos. It must be pointed out that it doesn’t drive quite as well as it looks though.

BMW i3
$43,395 – $48,445

Proper cool little car, made of carbon fiber and aluminum. A great attempt by BMW at a full electric vehicle that actually works in the real world.

Kia Soul EV
$33,145 – $36,845

We love the look of the Kia. It has a funky style all of its own and is packed with great tech. Kia isn’t known for ‘premium’ but this little EV is getting there.

Honda CR-Z
$21,130 – $25,925

This hybrid from Honda is perhaps one of the best looking vehicles currently available, it’s just a shame that the ride doesn’t live up to the look. It could be definitely one of the best hatchbacks for 2017, just add a bit more power.
A final special mention…

Toyota Mirai

We love this Toyota. Not only does the name mean ‘Future’ in Japanese, but everything about it just screams out.
This little Toyota looks fantastic, almost like something from a sci-fi movie, and it almost is.

Hydrogen powered means that the only things that comes out of its exhaust is water, it is a technological marvel, we want one.

Whatever your choice of vehicle, or size of your budget, you’ll find a hatchback that just ‘does it’ for you. These are just a few of our favorites, what are yours?
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