Top 5 The Best Midsize SUVs for 2017


Following on from our previous article about the best SUV’s of 2017, where we covered the Compact sector, we now move on to the next step up; the Midsize.

For the midsize, it seems that we prefer our own home grown domestic brands; in a direct reversal to the compacts, where the top three slots are Japanese, we have the top three being held by domestic brands; Jeep and Ford, with the Japanese Toyota and Subaru rounding out the top five.

This list is based on sales figures for the year just gone, it’s worth noting that in purely volume terms, the #1 midsize SUV would only just make it in to the top five for compacts.

5. Subaru Outback $25,845 for the base model

This popular Scooby sold just 92,090 units in 2016; some 55,000 behind the number one midsize SUV, the Explorer, and that’s despite being $6,260 cheaper than the Ford. Cheap ticket price isn’t necessarily the motivation for buyers.

4. Toyota Highlander $31,430 for the base model

Five and half grand more expensive than the Outback but still managed to just out-sell it by around 5,000 units. The Highlander sold 97,142 in total. Worth noting that this is the second most expensive SUV in the top five. (For the base model at least)

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee $31,390 for the base model

Jeep sold 117,441 of the Grand Cherokee’s in 2016, which is around 30,000 less than the #1 SUV which happens to be near as damn it the same price.

2. Jeep Wrangler $24,990 for the base model

Less than two thousand units separate the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, quite surprising really given the price difference. 119,096 units sold.

1. Ford Explorer $32,105 for the base model

The most expensive (for the base model) in this group and by far the best seller, by nearly 30,000 units at 148,299 units sold. Once again, Ford proves that price isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to sales numbers.

The upcoming 2018 Ford Explorer is likely to be as popular as the current model.

Whatever SUV suits your style, you may find that the Ford Explorer isn’t right for you, or that you prefer something Japanese; it doesn’t matter what you prefer, all these SUV’s (including the ones that didn’t make the top five) are great vehicles. If budget is your priority, then the Wrangler is the cheapest in the list, perhaps that’s why it’s at number two.
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