The Best Pickup Trucks 2017


Another list of “Best of …” but this time, we’re concentrating on the Best Trucks of 2017. These could be full-size, mid-size, Heavy Duty and even Super Heavy Duty. We’ve picked a few at random, all very popular, all great sales numbers, so it’s probably down to personal preference – which brand are you loyal to?

They all get similar gas mileage (high teens & mid-twenties), give or take, and prices are all within a few thousand of each other, aside from one.

In no particular order, the best new trucks 2017…

1) Chevrolet Silverado 1500
$28,880 – $56,370

The Silverado made it to our list of best used trucks for under $10,000. It’s a popular choice and does what you want it to. Well trimmed and good reliability. One of the best 2017 trucks to buy.

2) Ford F-150 Raptor
$50,155 – $53,140

The most expensive truck here, but it’s the daddy. The standard F-150 is THE best-selling vehicle in the U.S.
The Raptor is like that but with plenty of power thrown in for some fun.

3) Nissan Titan
$30,775 – $56,595

Not a great seller, but has had a recent makeover to bring it back to life and give it a fighting chance.

4) Ram 2500
$33,540 – $60,470

The most 2nd most expensive truck here when fully loaded. Options for pretty much anything and everything – makes a great day to day vehicle or a workhorse.

5) Honda Ridgeline
$30,415 – $43,910

Roomy cabin, smooth ride and innovation – makes the competition look dated and slow. We love the Ridgeline.

6) Jeep Wrangler Pickup
Est $30,000

The Wrangler pickup hasn’t actually hit the showroom yet, but it looks cool enough to be on this list and of course will feature Jeep’s reliability.

7) GMC Sierra 3500HD
$36,383 – $60,223

The big GMC has been nicknamed “The Taj Mahaul” – it’s sumptuous, roomy and well equipped, definitely the go-to Heavy Duty truck. Smaller versions, like 2018 GMC Sierra of the 1500 and 2500 modifications are also noteworthy

8) Ford F-150
$28,025 – $64,515

No list of Best Trucks would be complete without the legend that is the F-150 – America’s best-seller. Along with Chevy Silverado, one of the best rated 2017 trucks.
It has an aluminum bed and body and will suit your every need; daily driver or worker.

Trucks are so popular right now, and not just with people needing the utility side of it; whether you’re a family or tradesman, a truck will suit your need.

With such a wide choice, it really is a buyers market and you’re sure to find something that fits you perfectly. Or you could just pick the old favorite and be done with it.
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