How Car Commercials are Shooting: Blackbird Miming Car


You all know that car commercials when an auto is rapidly moving towards the camera. They show picturesque scenery with skies falling down and seas getting dry. Some effects are so stunning that you can barely see the difference between commercial and Hollywood blockbuster. It is not surprising for you that big brands invest tremendous sums of money into advertising process. However, little what you know about car shooting without a car. Curious? Read along.

blackbird vehicle rig

That is true that modern studios do not need a particular auto to make a commercial. The technology used instead is a vehicle called Blackbird. It an automotive rig which is battery powered. Its wheelbase is absolutely adjustable. Not to mention the width of track and suspension settings which are also adaptable. The presence of such options makes it possible for Blackbird to imitate any car and the way it moves. Thus, advertising companies can make an entire commercial without even using the car advertised.

A Very Special Tool

This technological wonder was created by a company based in London which is known as The Mill. They focus on all types of post-production and advertising. Owing to their invention you can see how much reality can be faked using the computer generated imagery abilities.

blackbird cgi rig

As The Mill states, the most difficult task when using computer generated imagery technologies for miming cars is to resemble auto’s driving sequences as well as its wheels. This is where Blackbird comes into play. Blackbird has the ability to change tires and wheels physically. In addition, its length can get 4 feet more in case it is necessary as well as a width which can get 10 inches more. This amazing technology becomes identical with the real auto and functions as its prototype would in the environment offered.

mill blackbird camera

Specificity of the technologies allows Blackbird to get integral raw footage which is used by video producers to create stunning commercial. In particular, it shows dynamic behavior of an auto chosen and the way it throws shadows over the surface. This way is much easier to use the footage received inside of the body generated by computer imagery. It is almost impossible to see the difference between the real car and artificially created one in a result.

What is the sense of using Blackbird? Does it make a difference what to shoot? In fact, it does, as The Mill says. Its main advantage is that this is much cheaper to create footage in this way. It eliminates all the fussing when obtaining a real auto and as well as the risk of it being damaged. What is more, it is way too easier to do reshooting using Blackbird instead of scheduling an auto again and again.
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