BMW 1-Series Facelifted For 2015 Model Year


Among a number of automotive critics and even within a wide range of fans of the famous Bavarian brand of cars there is an opinion about the frivolity of the models of the 1-series. After all, in comparison with older models, the “unit” looks in all respects a much more modest car.

However, the management of the Bavarian concern considers its junior model a very successful car, continuing to position it as the leader in the class of compact hatchbacks.

That is why at the last Detroit Motor Show BMW presented a restyling version of not only the “civil” hatchback 1-Series, but also its “hot” version of the M1, including the “charged” modification of the M135i.

Serious Changes Under The Hood

Perhaps, the most serious changes have touched the power units installed under the hood of the car. So, for the first time since the model was launched, the BMW 1-series will be equipped with three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. As a basic unit, the developers of the model envisaged a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine running on gasoline. This engine is able to develop a maximum power of 109 hp. And accelerate the hatchback to 60 MPH in less than 11 seconds.

Cars equipped with such engines, according to the statements of German engineers, consume no more than 5.5 liters of fuel per 100 km of run in a mixed cycle. Fans of gasoline engines will be able to pick up a car with one of the three engine options. These are two 1.6-liter units with a power of 136 and 177 horsepower, as well as a powerful 2-liter engine with a payback of 218 hp.

In addition to the presented engines, the 2015 model year BMW 1-series is equipped with four diesel engines. The younger of diesel engines with a volume of 1.5 liters develops 116 hp. Three other units have a working volume of 2 liters and produce 150, 190 or 224 horsepower.

The Bavarian specialists did not refuse from the top version of the model, traditionally bearing the name “M” in the title. The updated version of the M135i is aggregated by a three-liter turbo with six cylinders with a capacity of 326 hp and a torque of 331 ft lb. Working in tandem with a manual transmission, such an engine accelerates the car to hundreds in 5.1 seconds.

Tandem with an 8-speed automatic accelerates the car to 60 in 4.9 seconds. The all-wheel drive modification of the M135i requires only 4.7 seconds for this.

The manufacturer offers the installation of automatic or mechanical gearboxes for almost any version of the machine. However, for the modification of the 125d and all-wheel drive version 120d, the six-speed mechanics will not be available. Manufacturers promised to update the firmware and hardware component of the 8-speed Steptronic gearbox, installed in the flagship version of the model.

Improved Design

It is worth noting that the car produced by the current generation was repeatedly criticized for the controversial design of the front of the car. To be more precise, the design of 1-Series headlights was not considered the most successful. Many experts believe that such a solution could fit any of the models of Japanese or South Korean brands, but not the car with the Bavarian emblem on the hood.

It is not known, German designers began to listen to the opinion of critics or not, but the head optics of the car underwent a noticeable change as a result of the restyling.

In general, the new design of the exterior of the BMW 1 Series corresponds to the canons of classic restyling: in addition to the updated headlights, which received a more rigorous geometry and integrated navigation lights, the car acquired other bumpers and a modified radiator grille.

The signature “nostrils” of the false radiant were slightly stretched, thereby visually increasing the width of the machine. The developers worked on the rear door, at the same time updating the rear lights.

More Hi-Tech Interior

Do not ignore the changes and interior decoration of the car. Equipping the BMW 1 Series of 2015 model year has become more high-tech, many of the used materials are replaced by modern materials. In the standard version, the front panel of the car’s interior received a 6.5-inch display of the iDrive multimedia complex, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel with adjustable tail and tilt settings.

By default, regardless of the equipment, electric windows of all doors, external electric mirrors with heating, and also a system of keyless start of the engine are installed.

A glossy black plastic with chrome inserts gives the interior of the car interior additional stylishness and elegance. The vast majority of controls, buttons and levers remained in their original places, but, thanks to their altered configuration, the restyling car saloon looks different in comparison with its predecessor.
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