Jaguar Will Get BMW V8 Engines


Do you remember those days when Jaguar was using out fashioned types of engines under ownership of Ford? You can completely forget about times like these. Today news swirls around introduction of new power units which will support Jaguar family.

jaguar v8
If you take interest in auto world, you are likely to know that Jaguar’s inline engines with four cylinders are going to be based on modular engine line called Ingenium. As for V6 version, it will be replaced with the same Ingenium which is straight six. The thing you certainly do not know is the destiny of fabulous V8 supercharged engine. Many drivers are kept guessing what will happen with it. Here is the detailed answer.

New Version of V8

According to the latest news Jaguar is going to purchase an upcoming version of V8 by BMW. It is going to be twin turbo type which will be planted in many autos. You can expect that its displacement will be around 4.4 litres. As the latest model of M5 proves this engine is able to develop up to 600 horsepower. It is said that this unit will offered as 4.0 litre version for the use of its creators as well as for Jaguar.

BMW is Planning to Supply Jaguar with V8 Engines
It goes without saying that current Jaguar V8 has received a lot of love of car fans. Its 575 horsepower productivity is fantastic while its goofy noises are a matter of pride. Nevertheless, its main disadvantage is low level of fuel efficiency. Even if every ride of yours was very careful, you still had to struggle to hit MPGs at low 20s. It was a common case with Jaguar F-Type SVR and its siblings. This simply does not fit today’s auto world. Many may argue that twin turbo engine is much more dull in comparison to Jaguar’s live wire V8 of supercharged type. Nonetheless, its fuel economy is much better.

V8 Departure Reasons

What is more, there is a tendency of V8 engine becoming a specialty. That is why deals between carmakers are inevitable for V8’s survival. Jaguar can replace its current power plant by starting a new massive production. But how much money is it going to involve? The sum is incredible and the company simply cannot afford it. While cooperation of such kind allows Jaguar to have a unit for its strong cars and BMW will finally justify the cost of their monstrous engine.

2017 jaguar f type convertible
The chances of collaboration like this are very high and they are welcome as well since nobody wants V8 death. Nevertheless, it is a pain to let 5.0 Jaguar’s power plant go that simple because those who have heard its sound will always love it. Nevertheless, new era is coming and it is going to be promising.
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