BMW Has Released The Limited Edition M5 Sedan


America is involved in a tendency being far from a good one. It tends to miss out most of the many limited editions of the cars. Nevertheless, BMW has made a generous present to the USA. Its new M5 has a highly exclusive edition of M5 series.

bmw released limited edition m5
If you do not know much about this auto, we got something for you. It is called Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition. Thinking that anyone can buy it is misleading since there are only fifty autos released. It is a sedan of high performance which will be sold in the USA exclusively. In differing from other M5 trims this one can offer you more powerful engine along with extraordinary paintwork. These are the features which make this sedan stand out of the line.

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2016 bmw m5 competition edition

Power Boost

As for the power, there is something to boast about for certain. It has 600 horsepower under its bonnet. While its towing opportunities offer you around 516 pound-feet of torque. In comparison to M5 Competition Package, this edition is 25 horsepower and 16 lb-ft stronger which makes it not only attractive but powerful as well. Such an enhancement of power is achieved due to higher boost pressure along with so-called target modifications. Not to mention its acceleration. This auto makes from zero to sixty in 3.9 seconds. It is made possible because of transmission of a dual clutch type as well as Drivelogic. Nevertheless, such speed improvement is only slightly quicker than other M5 versions so such power advantage is not that useful in reality.

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Exterior Features

Paintwork is one of the most important aspects of limited edition exterior. By the way, its colour is the most expensive offer which you can find in BMW catalogue. Its price is $10,000. Such colour looks really attractive as if the whole car is chromed. In addition, you can see that this edition is riding on alloy wheels of 20 inches. Its grille is also modified as well as exhaust which goes with the bezel of carbon. Much similar to Competition Package. When you look inside of this model you can see upholstery of gray leather along with the use of aluminum which fits its overall colour perfectly.

However, you are going to pay a small fortune, if you want to get this vehicle. Its price is $130,900. In addition, you have to pay $995 destination along with a fee for handling. That is $30,000 more expensive than Competition Package. This exclusive novelty is going to be released in August. So we shall see how far it is worth of money it costs. Is it a piece of art or just an expensive thing which you do not really need?

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