New BMW S1000XR Is More Sport Than Adventure


The new S100XR is designed specifically to compete with Multistrada 1200 from Ducati, to be first in Adventure Sport Bike segment.

The market is not too competitive for BMW, so German engineers don’t bother to use pricey R1200GS platform, so they simply bring some changes to S1000 with 1-liter inline 4 cylinder engine, which is actually more than enough.

The 2017 BMW S1000XR is available now in your local BMW dealership. Or you can order one online, but we’d suggest taking a test ride at least; some people find the ergonomics a little uncomfortable.

Base price for the S1000XR starts at $16,445, but as with most things now, options can easily boost that price up to closer to the $20,000 mark.

Changes List

BMW has done plenty to keep this model current and fighting the big Duke adventure sports.

On the predecessor, riders were complaining of vibrations through the handlebar at certain RPM’s; Beemer have tried to tackle this problem with a ‘vibration-free handlebar’ and redesigned upper fork bridge, the ‘bars are now tapered aluminum motocross style ‘bars.

Powerplant is the same, but with some minor tweaking which sees an extra 5 BHP added – the S1000XR now outs out a healthy 165 BHP and complies with all Euro4 legislation.

The whole geometry of the bike has been reworked; the rake on the front end has been increased to 25.5o and a longer trail – up to 4.6” from 3.9”. They’ve also increased the suspension travel – 1.2” at the front and 0.8” at the rear, the swingarm length has been increased by 2.5”, the wheelbase has been extended by 4.3” overall, upto 61”.


The bike features the BMW Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment system, giving a semi-active suspension setting and options exist for further toys to be added to that, including the Rides Mode Pro kit which has advanced Traction Control and uses Lean Angle sensors to adjust the setting.

Automatic Stability Control (ASC) includes a base version of the Traction Control and ABS, all as standard.
For 2017, BMW have added a new color, along with the Red & White, there will now be a Metallic Blue option.

There is also the manually adjustable 2-position screen giving decent wind protection while out on those long roads.

Braking is taken care of by a twin disc setup on the front, using Brembo four-pots and a single disc at the rear, with just one twin-pot caliper.
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