The Escape by BMW Is Another Action Story


BMW Films has exclusively presented the new work known as “The Escape”. This is a short action film which shows you a star from original BMW Films. Clive Owen who acts The Driver in this story is the center of the script.

BMW Films

The series of these films was launched long ago. The first film was released back in 2001. It was eight stories with a lot of action and dynamics. Each of the films was really unique. David Fincher, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott were engaged into production as executive producers. As for the stars, there were Madonna, Gary Oldman, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, F. Murray Abraham and James Brown. It is interesting that those films could be watched on-line only. They have a lot of serious criticism though.

BMW The Escape Storyline

The new story tells us about a young girl whose name is Five. Fanning plays her role. The girl has been through illegal and quite dangerous experiments. FBI has been watching the company conducting these experiments for a long period of time. Now Owen whose character has not got a name is hired to get the girl out of this place. This is when the action starts.

BMW The Escape Car

The car which stars here is G30 BMW 540i M Sport. This is one of the latest models of the company. It is unexpected of BMW to have chosen this auto because they could have shown another top vehicle known as M550i which uses a V8 engine of the twin-turbo type with 4.4 liters. Nevertheless, BMW has chosen 550i which is lighter and is presumably better as a getaway vehicle. It engine is B58 I6 which is turbocharged. Perhaps, this model much easier and sharper at handling aspect.

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BMW The Escape Team

As for new actors, “The Escape” offers you to see Clive Owen as The Driver, Dakota Fanning as Lily. Jon Bernthal acts as Holt and Vera Farmiga as Dr. Phillips. Director of the film is Nail Blomkamp. Producer is Steve Golin. The man responsible for action and stunts is Guy Norris.

BMW The Escape Criticism

It is unlikely that the new “Escape” will receive good reviews from critics. However, it does not look like BMW is upset about it. First of all, they focus mainly on action and do not pay much attention to plot and drama.

In addition, they do a big job to advertise their new products and make them lucrative for the company and tempting for buyers. These are the strong aspects of this film. They show what their latest cars are worth of and how stunning they are stimulating people to obtain them. Hardly will BMW fight for Oscar or for a special place in cinematography. They do promotion and they do it well.
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